The Lerner Theatre’s heating and cooling system needs repair or replacement, which could cost the city $1 million. The “extraordinarily unders…

While the City of South Bend will receive $10,000 annually for expenses related to Bird’s electric scooters, the City of Elkhart’s deal with t…

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ELKHART — Half a century after its last guests checked out, the renovated Hotel Elkhart will have its grand opening on Tuesday.

The nearly 100-year-old Hotel Elkhart will reopen next week, about 50 years after its last guests checked out.

North Main Street between Crawford and Simonton streets was supposed to reopen last month, but due to a supply chain issue, crews have not bee…

ELKHART — A Republican caucus on Monday evening selected Megan Baughman, 51, to fill the at-large seat of the late Mary Olson on the Elkhart C…

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RasmusSJorgensen commented on Authorities investigating multiple barn fires

There is a GoFundMe, and the goal has almost been met now:


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The City of Elkhart, in collaboration with Integra Certified Document Destruction and the Greater Elkhart Chamber of Commerce, is offering such an event on Monday, Sept. 13, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Civic Plaza.

More information here:…


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Because the last part of the comment included inaccurate information.


Fire, I understand. Here's the explanation: As I have stated in the past, I do not have time to fact-check every comment that is made here, and, fortunately, I don't need to. When I do fact-check a comment, it's either because I know something in it to be false, it seems questionable, or …


Fact check (this is from Reuters, and you can find plenty more of these if you want to): There is nothing in the COVID-19 vaccines that would make people magnetic…


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Sidearm, as I explained, and as you mentioned, we didn't cover this because it was outside of the area that we generally cover. It has been covered a lot by the media that do cover Granger. If this had happened in Elkhart County, it would have been our top story.


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By the way, all of that information is publicly available.

Indiana flu statistics (with archives from previous seasons):

Indiana COVID-19 dashboard (click on the county you want to get county numbers):


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As I have reported before, six Elkhart County residents died from the flu last season, and that was a bad season for us. 132 Hoosiers died.

In the past 13 months, Elkhart County has had 432 COVID-19 deaths, while the statewide death toll is 12,840. It's not really comparable.