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Jordan Fouts

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GOSHEN — County officials passed an anti-littering law with teeth Monday, something local law enforcement had asked for as trash began piling …

GOSHEN — “Green Ambassadors” from six schools were recognized by county officials Monday morning as part of a new program meant to encourage r…

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GOSHEN — An Elkhart man who admitted to raping a girl when he was 16 received a 15-year sentence Thursday.


ELKHART — The visitors bureau hopes a comprehensive assessment of downtowns throughout the county will guide decision-making in the future.

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Jordan Fouts

That sounds correct, plus a six-year driver's license suspension (the statutory max that could be given), to start upon release from prison.

For comparison, the six charges together represented a max sentence of about 23 years.

Jordan Fouts

The sentences given in counts 1-5, which ranged from one to four years depending on the felony level of each, run consecutively. The two-year sentence in count 6 is concurrent to those.