GOSHEN — Kenneth Black’s sisters say they hope his killer sees their brother’s face every day for the rest of his life.

Pictured from left, standing, are Mayor Jeremy Stutsman, youth advisers Jake Smith, Josh Schrock, Misleny Moreno and Hazany Palomino, and Coli…

Owner Jenny Frech stands outside the new location of Soapy Gnome on Wednesday.

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Jordan Fouts

That sounds correct, plus a six-year driver's license suspension (the statutory max that could be given), to start upon release from prison.

For comparison, the six charges together represented a max sentence of about 23 years.

Jordan Fouts

The sentences given in counts 1-5, which ranged from one to four years depending on the felony level of each, run consecutively. The two-year sentence in count 6 is concurrent to those.