As change continues to roar forth within our society, and as we roar toward another high school sports year, one thing that hasn't changed over the long haul is that football and basketball remain the two high school sports with the largest, most passionate fan followings, in Indiana and around much of the country.

But which sport between those two is truly better?

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Just Facts

Here's what I've got. High School sports in general Nation wide should be concerned about the dwindling participation numbers most notably in football and basketball.

Just recently Goshen put out a story about such circumstances. Unless you've lived under a rock over the last decade or is no coincidence footballs scientific studies on concussions has impacted the game...even at the Pop Warner and starter leagues.

Most high school stadium's nationwide are empty with no show fans and today's youth.

As far as basketball goes...High School basketball pales in comparison to AAU! Anyone who has played either of the these two sports knows this. As a former high school basketball official Varsity in Michigan back in the early 90's...when high school basketball was relevant I must say it's no longer! AAU kids for the most part don't participate in High School basketball for many reasons. Many long time coaches are gone who actually played the game at a high level and knew the game in HS. Now replaced by teachers looking to pad their teaching pensions and have no experience. I know many in Elkhart County that are on HS Varsity coaching staff's and never played Varsity. Hence AAU! Take all of this into consideration and the fact that today's kids are no longer interested because of technology begs to differ with the hype of this story. Finally, many parents and people of power are politicking their kids into starting positions and playing time by donating money and complaining. Many of these kids couldn't hold the jock of many better athletes some from less than desirable families.

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