SOUTH BEND — Andrew T. Berlin intends for the South Bend Cubs to be the gold standard of Minor League Baseball.

The team formerly known as the South Bend Silver Hawks changed its name when it switched its Major League Baseball partnership from the Arizona Diamondbacks to the Chicago Cubs and on Sept. 25 announced a four-year player development agreement, which begins with the 2015 Class A Midwest League season.

"South Bend will be the best," said Berlin, noting that Baseball America voted the Chicago Cubs farm system No. 1 among MLB franchises. "It will be another reason to put South Bend on the map."

On Thursday, Dec. 4, Berlin, the South Bend owner, helped unveil logos, uniforms and merchandise for team that plays at the corner of South and Taylor.

With the assistance of club president Joe Hart, the unveiling was done in front of media and fans gathered at Four Winds Field to see a new bear cub with attitude.

Berlin, who purchased the South Bend franchise at 11:11 a.m. Nov. 11, 2011, said the uniform is important because it symbolizes solidarity and teamwork and draws fans to the players.

"This is about partnerships, alliances, relationships," said Berlin. "This is about a uniform that draws us all together for shared experience."

People lined up at the gift shop to purchase merchandise with the primary and alternate logos. At home, the South Bend Cubs will wear white with blue pinstripes.

The logo also is a nod to South Bend with its Studebaker Automotive Co. images and type font and to Chicago with its Cubs images, royal blue, light blue, red and tan colors, and ivy.

"This is something our community can truly be proud of," said Hart. "We put a lot of time and effort into these designs."

Four Winds Field is going back to a grass field surface, and there will even be some Boston ivy planted in center field in the spring.

"Yes, it's Boston ivy," said Berlin. "If there were Chicago ivy, we would have done that."

The home and road cap will be royal blue with the new Cubs logo. The alternate caps will be either red with the stylized "SB" or white and blue with the Cubs logo.

South Bend is expected to name its field staff after Christmas.



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