Jamar Weaver, Tarrin Beachy share Westview baseball MVP


TOPEKA — Westview High School's spring sports MVPs are Tarrin Beachy (baseball), Jamar Weaver (baseball), Buchanan Carpenter (boys track), Nate Gerardot (boys golf), Amber Roth (softball), Jeannie Bontrager (girls track), Charlotte Jones (girls tennis), Katelyn Miller (girls tennis) and Chanda Strong (girls tennis).

Westview Spring Awards


MVP — Tarrin Beachy, Jamar Weaver.

Coach's Award — Jake Berkey (varsity), Jeryl Weaver (JV). Steals — Jake Berkey, Judah Zickafoose. RBI — Jamar Weaver. Defense — Kohle Christner. ERA — Houston Haney. Pitching — Tarrin Beachy (varsity), Peyton Martin (JV). Offense — Jake Berkey. JV Most Improved — Todd Wisler.

Boys Track:

MVP — Buchanan Carpenter.

Coach's Award — Tim Hostetler, Lindon McDonald. Most Improved — Matt Miller. Sprints — Buchanan Carpenter. Hurdles — Brock Miller. Jumps — Trey Kennedy. Distance — Spencer Shank. Throws — Gunnar Eagleson. Middle Distance — Brayden Reynolds.

Boys Golf:

MVP — Nate Gerardot.

Coach's Award — Reed Oesch. Most Improved — Nate Gerardot. Low Putts — Logan Miller.


MVP — Amber Roth.

Coach's Award — Brooke Yoder (varsity), Brooke Wigner. Most Improved — Sidney Byrkett (varsity), Madison Myers (JV). Defense — Hannah Witham (varsity), Emily Christner (JV). Offense — Amber Roth. Steals — Amber Roth. RBI — Amber Roth. Batting Average — Amber Roth. ERA — Annie Sharick. Pitching — Samantha Pfenning (varsity), Karey Haney (JV).

Girls Track:

MVP — Jeannie Bontrager.

Coach's Award — Tori Wisler. Most Improved — Tori Wisler. Sprints — Jeannie Bontrager. Hurdles — Taryn Pruitt. Jumps — Grace Hales. Distance — Madison Jones. Throws — Kristen Duff. Outstanding Frosh — Taryn Pruitt.

Girls Tennis:

MVP — Charlotte Jones (singles), Katelyn Miller/Chanda Strong (doubles).

Most Improved — Megan Steider, Tessa Zimmerly. Mental Attitude — Miranda Kresse, Savanna Rang. JV Coach's Award — Karyssa Davis, Riley Hochstetler.

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