GOSHEN — Indiana University Health Goshen has reached an agreement to contribute $100,000 to Goshen Community Schools to help provide financial support for the purchase and installation of the new field turf at Foreman Field.

Jerry Hawkins, director of finance of Goshen Schools, said the school board approved the partnership Aug. 22. It is a three-year agreement beginning on Oct. 1, 2016 and running through Sept. 31, 2019.

In return for the money, IU Health Goshen will be featured in conjunction with the Goshen High logo and signage at Foreman Field. While the agreement doe not confer naming rights, it's understood and agreed that IU Health Goshen will be presented as the exclusive 'Partner' or 'Sponsor' of Foreman Field.

In addition, IU Health Goshen's name will be utilized on the football and track scoreboards, banners at the field, on football programs and on athletic websites.

"Goshen Community Schools are an incredibly important part of our community,'' a statement from IU Health Goshen noted. "Many of our colleagues and their children attended Goshen Community Schools and we are glad to be able to give back to our community and help support our local schools."


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So nice they are doing this instead of trying to lower patients cost that can't afford insurance! It is cheaper to die then go there for help.


So your $10,000 bill becomes $9900. Big stinkin' deal.

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