ELKHART — Kim Rezutko could look up and down the line of Elkhart Central swimmers around the pool on Saturday morning and see friends and mentors she’s known since she first started splashing in the pool.

But even though Rezutko was wearing the red and gold of Elkhart Memorial and the crosstown rivals were battling for a win, it didn’t seem at all strange for the talented senior.

“This is still a great rivalry and both teams really want to win, but I think those of us in the swimming community have known each other for a long time and we like each other,’’ Rezutko said. “You will see Memorial kids clapping for Central kids and Central kids cheering for Memorial kids ... I don’t think you see that in most sports.

On Saturday, coach Michelle Guipe’s host Central team controlled both meets, with the Blue Wave girls winning 124-56 and the boys topping Memorial 121-62.

Erik Kruip was a double individual winner for the Central boys and Sydney Dygert likewise for the girls.

Rezutko, a four-year letterwinner for the Crimson Chargers, won the 100 backstroke and finished a close second to Dygert in the 100 butterfly. She also swam in the 200 medley relay and 400 free relay for coach Nick DeJong.

“Kim is like having another assistant coach swimming for us,’’ DeJong said. “Not only is she a very hard worker, but she’s also right there to help any of her teammates. Her technique as a swimmer is very good and she’s not afraid to push herself to continue to get better.’’

DeJong is in his first year as head coach at Memorial after serving as an assistant under longtime coach Jon Cook.

“I think Coach DeJong is doing a good job so far and is bringing a lot of intensity to our practices,’’ Rezutko said. “It’s a little tougher, but I think we can see the importance of it with people getting better and the times coming down.’’

Rezutko has decided that this will be her final year in competitive swimming. She plans to attend Indiana-Purdue-Fort Wayne and major in pre-dentistry or biology. She is in the top 20 in her class at Memorial.

“I love swimming, but I don’t want it to ... get in the way of my college studies,’’ Rezutko said. “I know that sounds funny, but swimming is a big committment and I’m sure it’s even bigger in college.’’

To show the closeness of the two sides a little more, the Memorial teams presented Guipe with a present prior to the meet. The Central coach has been dealing with a health issue within her family for several months.

“I just love Coach Guipe to death,’’ Rezutko said. “She’s a great swim coach and I appreciate what she’s done for me, too.’’

About 12 hours after the completion of a hard-played Central-Memorial boys basketball game in front of 4,000 fans at North Side Gym, the swim teams continued the rivalry with a lot less angst.

“I think this rivalry is a little different than most Central-Memorial matchups,’’ Guipe said.

“Many of the kids work out together in the offseason and all of the coaches here today work together, too. It’s more of a friendly rivalry where both teams really want to win.’’ 



200 medley relay: Central (Ellie Malloy, Chloe Matchette, Sydney Dygert, Olivia Maack) 1:59.13, Memorial 2:07.

200 free: Ellie Malloy (C) 2:06, Sabryna Stanley (C) 2:17, Samantha Brugh (M) 2:35.

200 IM: Sydney Dygert (C) 2:13, Chloe Matchette (C) 2:32, Ashlyn Corpe (M) 2:49.

50 free: Olivia Maack (C) 24.77, Ally Bailey (M) 25.82, Natali Khamkheuang (C) 27.62.

Diving: Hadley Malloy (C) 216.70, Hannah Sears (C) 169.30.

100 butterfly: Sydney Dygert (C) 59.48, Kim Rezutko (M) 1:02, Natali Khamkheuang (C) 1:16.

100 free: Ally Bailey (M) 57.44, Sabryna Stanley (C) 1:00, Morgan Tepe (C) 1:01.

500 free: Olivia Maack (C) 5:26, Amanda Allison (C) 6:27, Jacquelyn Stout (C) 6:28.

200 free relay: Central (Morgan Tepe, Sabryna Stanley, Ellie Malloy, Chloe Matchette) 1:57, Central 1:59.

100 back: Kim Rezutko (M) 1:03, Ellie Malloy (C) 1:04, Morgan Tepe (C) 1:12. 

100 breaststroke: Chloe Matchette (C) 1:16, Ashlyn Corpe (M) 1:19, Kourtney Buckley (C) 1:30.

400 free relay: Central (Sabryne Stanley, Morgan Tepe, Olivia Maack, Sydney Dygert) 3:59, Memorial 4:25.



200 medley relay: Central (Eric Kelm, Carter Rief, Erik Kruip, Austin Dreamer) 1:45, Memorial 1:54.

200 free: Austin Dreamer (C) 1:59, Collin Welles, (M) 2:02, Chris Quarandillo 2:05.

200 IM: Michael Rockrohr (M) 2:06, Adam Krauter (C) 2:10, Eric Kelm (C) 2:13.

50 free: Erik Kruip (C) 23.15, Tyler Rouch (M) 24.24, Nathan Mora (M) 25.90.

Diving: Logan Brown (C) 318.65, Noah Sears (C) 183.00, Mikey Holtz (C) 140.20.

100 butterfly: Erik Kruip (C) 56.94, Clayton Corvin (C) 1:03, Carter Miller (M) 1:06.

100 free: Eric Kelm (C) 52.86, Chris Quarandillo (C) 55.64, Nathan Mora (M) 56.11.

500 free: Carter Rief (C) 5:18, Austin Dreamer (C) 5:24.08, Collin Welles (M) 5:24.62.

200 free relay: Central (Austin Dreamer, Chris Quarandillo, Adam Krauter, Eric Kruip) 1:37, Central 1:43.

100 back: Adam Krauter (C) 59.65, Michael Bevenridge (C) 1:09, Daniel Simenov (M) 1:12.

100 breaststroke: Mitchell Rockrohr (M) 1:04, Carter Rief (C) 1:05, Tyler Rouch (M) 1:07.

400 free: Central (Chris Quarandillo, Carter Rief, Adam Krauter, Eric Kelm) 3:38, Memorial 3:50. 

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