Notre Dame's Kelly promising tight bond with players

AP photoNotre Dame football coach Brian Kelly gestures during warm-ups prior to a 2015 game against visiting Georgia Tech.

NOTRE DAME — Process over performance; grit over goals; dedication over depth — each of these three spring football themes followed a simple script Brian Kelly never strayed from during an intriguing press conference last week when he promised to build the tightest bond with a group of players he ever has.

"If I'm available to them, if I'm there to be able to talk with them, help them through whatever I need to help them with, that's the best way for us to win," the Notre Dame head football coach insisted.

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sometime people say things ....BECAUSE THEY HAVE TO TO KEEP THEIR JOB ?


Anytime you hear Coach Kelly open his pie hole this year, instead of Dead Man Walking, think of Dead Man Talking!


Bonding as the problem? That is just funny. Get some rough dudes from the inner cities and scratch the academic nonsense. You think the pros care whether or not they are doing research into what affect energy has on subatomic particles?

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