Bears linebacker Danny Trevathan has enjoyed his status as a Super Bowl champion since the Broncos won the Lombardi Trophy last season. The exclamation point for Trevathan may have come Monday when he reunited with his former team on its celebratory trip to the White House.

Wide-eyed throughout Monday’s visit, Trevathan soaked in the history all around him during the Broncos’ tour. Best of all, he said, was the recognition he got from the White House’s No. 1 Bears fan, President Barack Obama.

“He knew who I was,” Trevathan said. “And he grabbed my hand and told me, ‘I can’t wait to see you play with the Bears.’ It was surreal, man. He was just so cool and genuine. I felt like I already knew him.”

Trevathan has every intention of leading the Bears back toward similar glory, convinced he eventually can win a second Super Bowl while playing in Chicago. That was in the front of his mind Monday, even as he revisited last year’s success.

“That visit was fun,” Trevathan said. “It’s an experience I’m going to think about for the rest of my life. And I want to take that on the field. I want that for this group here. We have some guys here who have been through some things. And they’re hungry. I know that that’s what it takes.”


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