ND fans lose if Kelly sticks to less-candor policy

AP photoNotre Dame head coach Brian Kelly runs drills during spring football practice at the Loftus Sports Center. 

Often for better, but sometimes for worse, Brian Kelly's candor and honesty have always been used both for him and against him in the media storm that forever follows any Notre Dame head football coach.

Instead of hiding behind a curtain of cliché and coachspeak, Kelly typically flies unfiltered when discussing his program and players, a frankness that often brings criticism and consequence.

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There is no such thing as unbiased media, it simply does not exist anymore. Look what the liberal media is trying to do to Trump, trying, and failing miserably, with the exception of those who wanted to send the most corrupt woman in the history of this country to the White House. My advice to Kelly, skip the press, focus on turning ND into something other than a second rate team.


Another losing season. What's he going to say. academic standards too high? He better be less candor. At least he can walk off a millionaire rather than an honest man.

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