Michiana Senior Open starts Friday

ELKHART — Defending co-champion Dennis Weaver will tee-off at 8:20 a.m. Friday at Meadow Valley Golf Course in opening round action at the 10th annual Michiana Senior Amateur Open. 

Weaver and Mark Landis each shot a two-day total of 147 in 2018 to tie for the championship. Landis is not schedule to compete in this year's event. 

Steve Stone, who placed second with a 149, has an 8:10 a.m. tee time.

A total of 71 golfers will be participating in the tournament, which will conclude Saturday at Bent Oak Golf Course.



At Meadow Valley


8 a.m.: Fritz Frey, Steve Sorenson.

8:10: John Hulewicz, Steve Stone, Stu Holaway.

8:20: Dan Swinehart, Dennis Weaver, Jim Bigler.

8:30: Tom Firestone, Dennis Tucker, Don Schnoebelen.

8:40: Bill Stoner, Michael Clark, Dave Shenk.

8:50: Rand Schrock, Edward Mast, Randy Dutton.

9: Jerry Cavanah, Dan Swindler, Jim Regelean.

9:10: Steve Johnson, Roger Miller, Steve Campbell.

9:20: Dave Crise, David Whisler, Dan Graves.

9:30: Jeff Sager, Bill Kinch, Tom Urbanski.

9:40: Mike Vavul, Bob Rieth, Mitch Stemm.

9:50: John Dejohn, Verne Sawyer, Tom Wiacek.

10: John Dregits, Mike Fair, Phil McHenry.

10:10: Ray Blythe, Tom Reed, Randy McDowell.

10:20: Mark Weiland, Cobey Bartlett, Eric Windbigler.

10:30: John Zerbe, John Kemp, Larry Harkleroad.

10:40: Mike Platz, Roy Rolston, Mark Osborn.

10:50: Tom Casey, Bemis Mikel, Mark Potuck.

11: Rom Sumrak, Robert Dorsam, Dave Vollmar. 

11:10: Dennis Ryan, Mark Clark, Jeff Middleditch. 

11:20: Michael Wilson, Ray Reed, John Mayger.

11:30: Jeff Hoeppner, Jon Phillips, Tim Emmons.

11:40: Paul Marnocha, Allen Dennison, Glen Minnix.

11:50: Ed Freel, Mike Peffley, David Swinson.

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