SOUTH BEND — Notre Dame football followers cringed a bit after the Irish lost to Texas in the season opener when Brian Kelly explained away the difficult defeat with phrases such as "we're a young team" and "we sent 10 players to the NFL after last season."

The Irish head coach was right in his assessment. But it still was unsettling to hear the main man respond with excuses for a program that carries annual playoff aspirations.

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I am sure ND has some great fans but unfortunately they have far too many of the obnoxious variety for my liking. Personally having ND out of any championship discussion is a boon for me as it will shut down all those that think ND football walks on water and is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Peace and quiet is a beautiful thing.




Keep VanGorder by all means! The only change I would make is bring back Faust as head coach. It's between him and Weis for who is the worst coach, but Faust is at least a nice guy. This is a great season so far!

Just Facts

Kelly and company were exposed for the fraud they were by Bama in the title game 3 yrs ago. Kelly has run his course with this program....the stats are lining up against him as Mr. Burlage has pointed out in this ariticle. Kelly talks too much...and it's a lot of nothing. Natives are restless especially since they are no longer going to be talked about from an National Championship sense...nor the Top 25. Notre Dame's season is over this year...before it even started. If you're a won't be hard to get tickets the rest of the year. Lastly, greed is and always will be the ultimate demise...what the University has done with the price of tickets reflects such karma.


I wish,"Just Facts", I could argue your insights on the state of N.D. football. However, I must agree with you this time. The fact is... it doesn't matter how many points you put up, if you give up more points than you score.[sad]

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