Northridge honors spring athletes

Northridge High School honored its spring sport athletes earlier this week. Among ther Mental Attitude Award winners were (From left front): Ashley Beckler, Peyton Kieper and Leah Stacker. Back row: Ricky Howey and Noah Streeter.

MIDDLEBURY — Northridge High School handed out it's spring sports awards during a celebration at the school on Tuesday.

Mental Attitude winners were Ricky Howey (boys track), Leah Stacker (girls track), Blake Neely (boys golf), Noah Streeter (baseball), Peyton Kieper (girls tennis) and Ashley Beckler (softball).



Softball: Impact Payer of the Year – Meghan Bontrager. Inspiration Award – Ashley Beckler. Spirit Award – Alex Crawford. Mental Attitude – Beckler. Offensive Award – Madison Wienert. Defensive Award – Bontrager. JV Metal Attitude – Alexia Sigman. JV Offensive – Abby Hostetler. JV Defensive – Jaylin Weatherhold.

Girls Tennis: Mental Attitude – Peyton Kieper. MVP – Riley Wheatley. Most Improved – Taylor Eby. Hustle Award – Carley Christner. Grit Award – Brynne Gayler. JV Mental Attitude – Emily Mack.

Boys Golf: Mental Attitude – Blake Neely. Low Stroke Average – Tyler Frazier. JV Mental Attitude –Mike Canfield. JV Low Stroke Average –Ty Miller.

Boys Track: Mental Attitude – Ricky Howey. MVP – Tanner Sallee. Best Field Event – Carter Bach. Best Sprinter – Zach Howey. Best Distance – Joe Eichstadt. Best Mid-Distance  – Tanner Sallee. Most Improved – Isaac Zmuda. JV Mental Attitude  – Alex Trick.

Girls Track: Mental Attitude – Leah Stacker. MVP – Shelby Heerschop. Best Field Event – Kit Kirkpatrick. Best Sprinter – Karlee Lehman. Best Distance – Caitlin Clark. Best Mid-Distance  – Sage Schnell. Most Improved – Ella Hoefer. JV Mental Attitude  – Chrissy Hickman.

Baseball: Mental Attitude – Noah Streeter. Raider Award – Logan Pratt. Best Glove – Drew Gayler. Best Bat  – Davis Enfield. Best Pitcher – Enfield. JV Mental Attitude – Brendan Gleim. JV Best Glove – Jake Stachel. JV Best Bat – Drew Stahly.

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