Goshen honors spring athletes

Goshen High School recently honored its spring athletes. Among those earning Most Valuable Player honors were (front from left): Isaiah Jacobs, Olivia Koshmider, Kassiday Bestul, Brandi Smith, Sasha Ramos and Chase Meyer. Second (from left): Kathryn Detweiler, Felix Perez-Diener, Skylar Reyes, Daveyon Sandford and Matt Lung 

GOSHEN — Goshen High School has presented awards for the spring sports season. 

Voted Most Valuable Players were Skyler Reyes (baseball), Isaiah Jacobs (unified track), Matt Lung (unified track), Chase Meyer (boys golf), Daveyon Sandford (boys track), Felix Perez-Diener (boys track), Brandi Smith (girls track), Kassidy Bestul (girls track), Sasha Ramos (girls track) and Kathryn Detweiler (girls tennis).




Baseball: Goshen rotary most valuable - Skylar Reyes. Most improved - Braxton Kincaid. ElkhartCountySports.com coaches - Bryce Smith. Beets Hoke teamwork - Connor Kulp. Paul Underwood mental attitude - Joseph Good. Captain - Drew Marlow. Outstanding offense - Skyler Reyes. Outstanding defense - Marlow. Outstanding pitcher - Austin Cain. Phil Kotek/Bob Henke spirit award - Josh Haimes. JV award - Mason Schrock. Kiwanis scholar athlete - Joseph Good, James Troyer, Moises Gutierrez, Jeff Herschberger. 

Unified track: Goshen rotary most valuable field - Isaiah Jacobs. Goshen rotary most valuable track - Matt Lung. Most improved field - Noah Shively. Most improved track - Daniel Peters. ElkhartCountySports.com coaches - Ben Bontrager-Singer. Beets Hoke Teamwork - Jazmin Vargas. Barb Zook mental attitude - Hope Peeler. Paul Underwood mental attitude - Isaac Claxton. Rusty Elliott spirit award - Kia Kurtz. Freshman award - Brianne Vance. 4-year award - Austin Peeler. Kiwanis scholar athlete - Bontrager-Singer, Jeremiah Close, Lexi Brown, Brock Collns, Jurniee Peeler, Kurtz, Mara Sensenig.

Boys golf: Goshen rotary most valuable - Chase Meyer. Most improved - Soroosh Kermani. Elkhart County sports coaches - Ethan Vallejo. Beets hoke teamwork - Cade Richardson. Paul Underwood mental attitude - Joseph Narayan. Captain - Richardson. Jackson memorial freshman/first year award - Jacob Moyer. Driving accuracy award - Zach Subera. Putting accuracy award - Meyer. Kiwanis scholar athlete - Wes Beck, Narayan, Cameron Schneider. Kermani. 

Boys track: Goshen rotary most valuable field - Daveyon Sandford. Goshen rotary most valuable track - Felix Perez-Diener. Most improved award - Demetrius Gulewicz. ElkhartCountySports.com coaches - Tomas Fuentes. Beets hoke teamwork - Austin Nettrouer. Paul Underwood mental attitude - Angel Arreola. 4-year - Perez-Diener. Captains - Sandford, Perez-Diener. Hal Doriot JV award - Liam Deegan. Freshman award - Brayden Hinkel. Kiwanis scholar athlete - Gulewicz, Perez-Diener. 

Girls track: Goshen rotary most valuable track - Brandi Smith, Kassidy Bestul. Goshen rotary most valuable field - Sasha Ramos. Most improved - Sophia Yordy. ElkhartCountySports.com coaches - Hannah LaFary. Beets hoke teamwork - Abigail Garcia-Flores. Barb Zook mental attitude - Celeste Arroyo. Captain - Brandi Smith, Ramos. 4 year - Smith. Brooke Doriot JV award - Megan Roeder. Nancy Moyer freshman award - Kylee Yoder. Jodie Clark memorial scholarship award - Smith. Kiwanis scholar athlete - Ariadne Zambo, LaFary, Alexia Potter, Nataly Esqueda, Camila Perez-Diener, Yordy, Alison Sapp, Rylee Weishaup, Yoder.

Girls tennis: Goshen rotary most valuable - Kathryn Detweiler. Most improved - Abril Diaz. ElkhartCountySports.com coaches - Lucy Kramer. Beets hoke teamwork - Sophia Kirkton. Barb Zook Mental attitude - Madison Rittenhouse. JV award - Joya Drenth. Captain - Rittehouse, Kirkton. Dan Chiddister doubles award - Detweiler, Brooke Grewe. Kiwanis scholar athlete - Courtney Sloop, Axel Brown, Kirkton, Detweiler, Kramer, Grace Dick. 

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