GOSHEN — The $1 million transformation of a 60-year-old drag strip into Hoosier Motorsports and Business Park can move ahead after a vote by county officials.

Elkhart County Commissioners voted 2-1 Monday in favor of a zoning reclassification and other changes for the Osceola Dragway, located on Ash Road near C.R. 16. The changes will allow the new owners of the property to refresh the drag strip and add bleachers, a staging area and office and storage space, as well as building a test track at the southeast corner.

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All this effort and money could be used to help some homeless. No, wait, someone is dealing with this, we don't have to be concerned about this.


why would a person invest his money in a no return scenario? This is only a business venture!


I wonder where Mr McMillen's house is. Probably not 80 feet from a race track, but that's just a guess.


What a load of garbage!! The county commissioners should be ashamed of themselves. Eighty feet? I agree, it's absurd. And I think that's an understatement.

Joe King

I think a few medical lawsuits from the noise damage would be enough to put them out of business. If they are going to be good neighbors, they will have to reduce the noise, or otherwise, they will be lawsuits for the harm the new and louder noise will harm. I wish they would also force the drag strip to clean up their land and their soil contamination before they proceed...

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