Season over, questions just starting for Kelly

Notre Dame quarterback DeShone Kizer passes during the first half of an NCAA college football game against Southern California, Saturday, Nov. 26, 2016, in Los Angeles.

NOTRE DAME — After suffering through one of the worst weeks in his 25-plus seasons as a head football coach, Brian Kelly could finally take a deep breath and celebrate the fact that it appears he survived it and will be around to coach the Irish again next season.

The rumor mill and a restless fan base had Kelly out the coaching door Saturday evening the second the Los Angeles Coliseum clock hit triple zeros, finally bringing this nightmarish season to a welcome end.

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All Kelly would have to say is let him prop up grades so that he can get the play makers he needs without the nonsense of pretend student athlete craziness and he could also send his share of fellas off to the pros after they give ND winning seasons. All of those phenomenal pro players get good grades? Kelly is a poor slob trying to do the impossible.


Kelly belongs on the podium with Weis and Faust for my favorite coaches ever at ND. At least Faust was a genuinely nice guy. Weis was a pompous jerk and Kelly is arrogant and smug . . . as long as he is winning. Extend his contract another 10 years and he has an excellent chance of being as awful and disliked as Weis!

By the way, when you recruit SEC type talent, you get SEC type issues on and off the field.


How many times over the past two years have we heard in post game conference they were only one or two plays away from victory as if their fans were somehow cheated by extenuating circumstance. IMHO Brian Kelly has never possessed the skill set to become a "LEGEND" coach at ND and let's face it, the tradition and money surrounding that institution demands no less. They would be far better off to release him now, rather than sometime next season.

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