Seven players from champion Northridge have been named to the All-Northern Lakes Conference girls soccer team for 2016, and the Raiders' Bill Redinger is Coach of the Year as chosen by his peers.

Raider seniors Brey Baltazar, Maddi Kidder and Heidi Hochstetler are joined on the first team by juniors Meghan Cawood and Jade Thompson, and sophomores Ariana Stolzfus and Sage Schnell.

Three players each from Elkhart Memorial and Goshen are also on the first team, along with two from Concord and one from NorthWood.



(Senior unless noted)

Northridge: Brey Baltazar, Maddi Kidder, Heidi Hochstetler, Jade Thompson (jr), Meghan Cawood (jr), Sage Schnell (so), Ariana Stltzfus (so.).

Warsaw: Breck Jackson, Julie Frazzetta, Brenna Shipley, Delaney Taylor (fr), Brenna Buhrt (fr).

Goshen: Aylissa Trosper, Jill Kissinger (jr), Ayiya Hartzler (so).

Concord: Brenda Tellez, Micaela Tolar.

Elkhart Memorial: Kristin Huber, Taylor Freshour, Veronica Ocampo (so).

Plymouth: Anna Bockman, Cece Robinson (so).

NorthWood: Mackenzie Bergman (so).

Wawasee: Leigh Ann Shrack. 

Coach of the Year: Bill Redinger (Northridge).

Area honorable mention: Northridge - Kyla Long (jr), Emma Oxenrider (so), Izzy Love (so). Goshen - Anne Nisley (jr), Kassandra Rodriguez. Concord -Rachel DeShone (jr). Memorial - MaKenzie Swearengin (jr). NorthWood -Brittani Shields.

Final standings: Northridge 7-0, Warsaw 6-1, Goshen 4-3, Concord 3-2-2, Plymouth 3-1-1, Memorial 2-5, NorthWood 1-5-1, Wawasee 0-7.

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