Reading camp

Second-grader Alexis Anway reads with Nancy Miller at Model Elementary in Goshen on Thursday, Feb. 20 at a reading camp hosted by United Way each year. This is the 4th year for the program and the goal is to help students who struggle with reading. This happens at Model, Parkside, Waterford, and West Goshen and about 20 students participate at each school.

Chris Caldwell certainly understands the concept of return on investment. He sees it every day. As a 26-year veteran of the banking industry, he finds it in the partnerships he forges in business. As a 26-year volunteer with United Way, he sees the ROI it produces in the community equally rewarding.

“I have been involved with United Way since I started my banking career,” says Caldwell, a senior vice president in charge of commercial lending at Mutual Bank. “I personally have been a campaign chair in two different communities. I have been part of leadership giving efforts and been involved in numerous other ways for many past campaigns. I’ve joined the Days in Action volunteer projects. It is a great way to both help hands on in the community and work side-by-side with my MutualBank colleagues.”