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Recent Comments

  • sidearm said:

    He has been cancelled. Welcome to 2021 and the year of the snowflakes. Jimtown school board should be ashamed.

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  • fire111 said:

    Our delusional friend Joe now swears Mike the pillow man is a top advisor to Trump. And he has a plan for Martial Law. So I did some checking.…

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  • fire111 said:

    WoW! Joe trying to analyze something with his knowledge is like a tyke preparing a thesis on relativity! Please Joe!!! Don't! I stand by no pe…

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  • Joe King said:

    And now Trumps meets with his special counsel, the "my pillow guy" as photos of his notes show he is in support of Martial Law to overthrow th…

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  • fire111 said:

    Also Joe. Let me help you out a bit. The Lagrange County Health Officer on a recent TV interview sighted a fair problem in that county. He did…

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