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Recent Comments

  • FlyNavy said:

    Sounds like they went into the study with the solution already determined that a brand new building was the answer and then fit the study to j…

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  • fire111 said:

    Yep Joe! I remember quite vividly my dad describing the terrible accidents out there when it was a designated Federal highway. He drove it twi…

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  • BeeBee said:

    seems so long ago that we were together at I&M when you were cashier and I was home service. WOW. May you have peace and say Hi to John as…

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  • Joe King said:

    There sure has been a lot of accidents and fatalities on that road lately....I wonder if a center turn lane may help in preventing them?

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  • Douglas Roth said:

    Hey Jodie, Mary Jane (Bixler) Roth here. We've completely lost touch since were neighbors when we were kids. So sorry to hear about your losin…

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