JIMTOWN — Monday, April 14, was Leo Linville's birthday and while it may sound strange, the highlight may have come during Jimtown High School's afternoon track practice.

That's when 75 track and field athlete's sang "Happy Birthday" to the beaming 6-year-old.

Leo's parents are Joe and Jessica Linville, the head coaches of Jimtown's boys and girls teams.

Each afternoon around 2:30, Jessica Linville packs up Leo along with brothers' Henry (9), George (7) and Thomas (1 1/2) and heads to Jimtown for the start of practice.

"The kids just love it because they have the run of the school,'' Jessica said. "They have the gym, which has all those bleachers, plus the school secretary has food stashed away for them. So, they look forward to it getting there.''

"Most of the time, I'll take Tommy and carry him around while the kids are getting warmed up and ready for practice,'' Joe added. "The boys will warm up and do some of the workouts for awhile, until they decide it's time to move on to other things.''

Jessica Linville took over the Jimmies' girls' track program this spring, returning after a 10-year absence to replace Shaunte' Williams.

"It's great to be back coaching ... the last time I coached, I was nine months pregnant, so this is easy,'' Jessica said. "I really thought it would be a lot tougher with the boys being here, but they've been great and our administration has really backed me.''

Joe Linville said Jessica was the first person he thought of when Williams came to him and said it was time for a break in coaching.

But it wasn't a slam dunk that Jessica would come back to coaching.

Although she is taking the year off of teaching at Jimtown Elementary, Jessica is home-schooling her three oldest boys. She and her husband also teach Sunday School at St. Mark Missionary Church in Osceola.

"I knew Jessica could handle the coaching aspect of it because she had been such a good coach before,'' Joe said. "She may have hesitated a little, but between Shaunte' and I, we were able to talk her into taking the job.

When asked if it takes a lot of juggling act to take care of both the teams and four active boys, Joe didn't hesitate in giving most of the credit to his wife.

"To say it is a juggling act would be giving me some credit that I don't deserve,'' Joe said. "Jessica's the one doing all the work, I just try to help out when I can to get everyone where they need to be or try to keep an eye on the boys.''

According to Joe, his wife's competitiveness, sense of humor and ability to relate to the athletes on her team has come together quickly.

"I can hear the girls giggling and laughing during warm-ups, so I know Jessica is getting through to them,'' Joe said. "She's not afraid to be very blunt and really lay things on the line to them, but I also think she can be a real role model for the girls on the team.''

"I love teaching younger kids, but I do enjoy working with the high school kids, too,'' Jessica said. "We have some kids who don't come from two-parent families and I try to be there not only as a coach, but as someone that really cares. We'll talk about life, how to conduct yourself, anything they want to really. I think I learn from them, too.''




Coach: Lindsay Yoder.

Assistants: Jerry Redmond, Alicia Mitchell, Kelly Hale, James Smith.

Roster: Seniors — Hannah Boyce, Jessica O’Connell, Michelle Detwiler, Shaniqua Garner, Micala Madison. Juniors — Ciana Bonfiglio, Tai Bradley, Angalic Greer, Heather Johnson, Christy Ramos, Kelsey Seddon, Jacque Stutsman. Sophomores — Jaelyn Beasley, Braxton Newman, Anna Nisen, Shydae Campbell, Mariah DeFreese, Shermaine Jackson, Rebeca Marruflo, Katie Mochamer, Monica Perez, Mackenzie Porter, Lexi Wiggins, Nikki Wilhelm, Danielle Wilson. Freshmen — Lauren Boone, Leslie Morales, Kaori Petez, Sandra Cortez, Chelsea Davis, Grace Eichelberger, Brooklyn Hill, Morgan Mitchell, Tylar Roberson, Ally Smith, Keziah Smith, Justyce Warren, Sara Zelaya.

Next: Saturday, April 19 at Northridge Relays.


Coach: Crystal Davis (seventh season).

Assistants: Jake Balch, Tom Adams, Bekah Shenk, Mike Mitchell, Ike Nnachi, Ben Battjes.

2013 record: 8-2.

Returning letterwinners: Seniors — Olivia Jenks, Sarahi Lopez, Donya McKinney, Maddi Vaught, Carol Weirich, Jenai White, Lorena Zelaya. Juniors — Cleo Cochrane, Amanda Dibley, Latoria House. Sophomores — Destiny Bonds, Jasmine Cotton, Mikayla Kline, Morgan Markel, Andrea Palmer, Kelly Ronan, Aleiyah Williams, Gabi Yoder, Makaya Young.

Others: Senior — Ehyanna Curry. Juniors — Daitriona Bonds, Katlyn Dolmon, Katie Evans, Bridget Shrider, Jasheene Taylor, Libby Yeakey. Sophomores — Teanna Frazier, Ashley Westfall, Demycha Wilson, Te’Asia Sanders. Freshmen — Nicole Batie, Emily Decker, Stacy Dibley, Alex Downs, Miceala Espinoza, Nikki Evans, Nautica Faulk, Noelle Flora, Nautica Jeffries, Jordan Johnson, Brianna Jones, Deisy Lopez, Nicole Mishler, Naitlea Ponce. Adelina Sarber, Alexis Schweinzger, Hannah Sears, Paige Taylor, Jessica Trease, Jordan Ware, Kenadi Waters, Rachell Zelaya.

Next: Saturday, April 19 at Northridge Relays.


Coach: Peter Casaletto.

Roster: Senior — Julia Campoli. Juniors — Kayla Casaletto, Musu Scott. Sophomores — Allison Angel, Alyssa Buckles, Izzy Noble-Hartzler, Christa Knapp, Sydney Newland, Kaitlyn Volk. Freshman — Maddie Morehead.

Next: Thursday, April 17 at Jimtown.


Coach: Adam Homo.

Assistants: Dana Homo, Jim Eger, Mitch Henderson, Jim Meuninck, Barry Hines, Rick Murray, Shaun McAllister, John Disher.

2013 record: 5-3.

Returning letterwinners: Seniors — Madeline Delucenay, Allison Hoefle, Haley Lehman. Juniors — Deanna Cornelius, Victoria Mills, Brooke Moore, Tailor Schultheis, Lanecia Sharp-Taylor, Alisa Zoller. Sophomores — Kayona Malone, Hailey Moore.

Others: Juniors — Tatyana Brown, Krystin Cook, Allyson Disher, Tonisha Maddox, Alexsis Miller, Keondia Woodley. Sophomores — Miquel Ferguson, Elizabeth Hayes. Freshmen — Skylar Axsom, Ally Bailey, Alexia Broadway, Michaela Dibley, Francine Hernandez, Kirstin Huber, Vanessa Lopez, Melissa Luft, Brooklyn Parker, Kim Rezutko, Mary Soptich, Lindsay Stahl, Guadalupe Zavala.

Next: Saturday, April 19 at Northridge Relays.


Coach: Darin Holsopple (eighth season).

Assistants: Rustin Nyce, Kirt Hunsberger, Greg Kitson.

2013 record: 6-0 (NECC champions).

Returning lettermen: Seniors — Nakia Haarer, Julia Landes, Danae Miller, Brittany Ostrander, Eva Rohrer, Chelsea Schwartz, Tori VanDiepenbos. Juniors — Brittany Kitson,Taylor Stidham, Anastasia Suderman. Sophomores — Chloe Armbruster, Andrea Hagar, Katie Kieper, Jessica Miller, Riley, Miller, Hannah Siegel, Micaela Snider.

Others: Junior — Mariah Munn. Sophomores — Catherine Davidhizar, Shayna Schlichter, Brooklyn Straw, Alyssa Zook. Freshman — Kenzie Bobeck, Karly Dallas, Alexis Haag, JoAna Hershberger, Calyn Howell, Cierra Lau, Tori Layman, Tori Neely, Winifred Sceniak, Persis Wade.

Next: Thursday, April 17 at West Noble.


Coach: Brock Maust (2nd year).

Assistants: Mike Wynn, Chris DuBois, Brett Baranic, Kevin Park, Mike Biller, Jesse Vasquez, Rachael Baker, Brock Goodman, John Place, Graham Clark, Kyle Laker, Carl Weaver.

2013 record: 2-5.

Returning letterwinners: Seniors — Tori DeVries, Edith Gonzalez, Kristen Hanson, Katya Hernandez, Denisse Rodriguez. Juniors — Jasmyn Brown, Brianna Clawson, Maria Corbett, Adrienne Henke, Tricia Place, Marisela Salazar, Bree Yoder. Sophomores — Jennifer Bustos, Kyre Potter, Nora Rangel.

Next: Tuesday, April 22 at Elkhart Memorial.


Coach: Jessica Linville (first year).

Assistants: Emily Dean, Joe Linville, Travis Daniels, Lotsy Pinnyei, Seth Anglemyer.

2013 record: 4-2.

Returning letterwinners: Seniors — Brandi Crisp, Jessica DuBois, Megan Lemly, Katie Vincic. Juniors — Madison Dowdy, Nicole Duryea, Brianna Garrett. Sophomores — Kiley Gimson, Raelle Hurtekant, Madison Lily, Brooklyn Livings, Arianna Maxie, Rachel Miller.

Others: Sophomores — Abby Damron, Natalie Nava, Alexis Penninger. Freshman — Shayla Abshagen, Natalie Adams, Felicity Bailey, Leah Fager, Brooklyn Kotecki, Paige Miller, Carlee Miller, Madison Van der Vort, Caitlin WIlkins.

Next: Thursday, April 17 vs. Elkhart Christian.


Coach: Jeff Payne (first season).

Assistants: Andy Williams, Chris Howell, Shawn Puckett, Paul Johnson, Alicia Hooley.

Returning letterwinners: Seniors —- Olivia Golden, Kim Swank. Juniors — Eva Dwyer.

Others: Seniors — Kelsey Graber, Cheyenne Petty. Juniors — Andrea Garcia, Kortney Harrer, Sarah PAtino, Frederikke Soenderskov, Kassy Wagner. Sophomores — Emilee Ankrom, Emily Barkow, Megan Campbell, Molly Campbell, Mallory Fletcher, Katelyn Kilmer, Leslie Mullett, Chandler Sutton, Hannah Wogomon. Freshman — Gabrielle Arnold, Brey Baltazar, Taylor Blea, Hannah Cook, Rylee Dahlman, Raven Duncan, Hannah Durbin, Cheyenne Fisher, Madeline Hoover, mariah King, Kari Martens, Maddi McKibbin, Maddison Server, Anna Singh, Miya Sweet, Rachel Thomann, Danielle Wier.

Next: Northridge Relays, Saturday, April 19.


Coach: Hillary Laidig (second season).

Assistants: Austin Hamsher, Scott Tuttle, Kaity Mikel, Jeff Biller, Justin Bell, Mark BeMiller.

Letterwinners: Juniors — Kristen Norville, Nancy Rice, Katie Rock, Brianna Tuttle, Lea Tuttle. Sophomores — Abby Adams, Sarah Stump, Breanna Troyer, Andrea Tuttle.

Others: Seniors — Carrie Avery, McKenna Mikel, Inger Yoder. Juniors — Jamie McBride, Karen Holmes, Reagan Smith. Sophomores — Heather Bartley, Grace Hostetler, Kelsey Roe. Freshman — Sara Bowling, Sarah Foster, Nicole Flickinger, Azure Hershberger, Ana Martinez, Taitlyn Trenshaw, Cassie Yoder.

Next: Saturday, April 19 at Northridge Relays.


Coach: Scott Lancaster (15th season).

Assistants: Dave Stookey, Scot McDowell, Staci Weisser, Dough Slabaugh, Tyson Kaase, Jade Bobeck.

2013 record: 0-7.

Returning letterwinners: Senior — Ruby Minnick. Juniors — Taylor Busse, Deea Coy, Courtney Linnemeir, Shelby Swartz, Hannah Winters, Catherine Yankosky. Sophomores — Katlyn Kennedy, Sarah Lancaster, Madison Miller.

Others: Juniors — Sydney Maas, Sam Malik, Megan Rhodes. Sophomores — Maddie Birch, Tia Long, Brooke-Lynn Whetten. Freshmen — Delanie Bame, Madison Beaman, Seqauinn Bright, Skylar Janda, Alexis Manges, Abby Meija, Stephanie Meija, leigh-Ann Shrack, Jadelyne Skelton, Haleigh Smarr, Molly Swartz, Kelsey Swartz, Autumn Yoder, Bridgette Yoder, Elizabeth Zorn.

Next: Tuesday, April 22 at Northridge.


Coach: Jon Cook (fourth season).

Assistants: Mike Watts, Nate Mauck.

Upperclassmen: Senior — Kim Blackburn. Juniors — Kaitlyn Warren, Kylie Barker, Maddie Jones, Kathryn Lovell, Julia Wright, Kristen Duff. Sophomores — Makai Gingerich, Jeannie Bontrager, Tori Wisler, Sierra Weaver, Grace Hales, Jennifer Hostetler, Erika Gamble, Hope Brandenberger. Freshmen — Emily Miller, Kathy Franklin, Amiah May, Desiree Lippencott, Miriam Gingerich, Karla Yoder, Taryn Pruitt, Taylor Trittipo, Alexys Bronsing, Andreya Miller, Valerie Sisco, Leora Schwartz.

Next: Thursday, April 17 vs. Lakeland Christian.




Coach: C.J. Shafer (5-12 in two seasons).

Assistants: Matt Nicoson, Sam Vaughan, Dave Juday, LeVon Parker.

2013 record: 1-7 (1-6 in NLC).

Returning letterwinners: Seniors — Darnell Bean, Steven Gattman, Gavin Longbrake, Alec Macri, Mike McQueen, Dylan Westfall, Tevin Williams. Juniors — Dominic Proffitt, Leandro Rodriguez, Henry Zelaya. Sophomore — Brian Martinez-Sosa.

Other: Seniors — Jacob Camacho, Alejandro Cortez, Roberto Ortiz, Kyle Osbon. Juniors — Gio Aguilar, Tyrone Gilbert, Kirt Matthews, Jerrell Pointdexter. Freshmen — Brandon Alley, Derek Chapa, Salvador Escamilla, Jonathan Gomez, Collin Lane, Cedric Mitchell, Adrian Neily, Jediahadiah Roberts, Gavin Rousch, Tyler Schwartz, Mac Shaum, Caleb Wilson.

Next: Thursday, April 17 at Elkhart Memorial.


Coach: Jake Balch (third season).

Assistants: Crystal Davis, Tom Adams, Mike Mitchell, Ike Nnachi, Bekah Shenk, Ben Battjes.

2013 record: 6-4-1 (5-2-1 in NIC).

Returning letterwinners: Seniors — Travis Barnes, Edwin Ceniceros, Gavin George, Anthony Hardman, Javonte Henderson, Chet Samuels, Tre Taylor. Juniors — Treyton Harris, Evan Herr-Knispel, Joseph Holtz, Nathan Munet, Joseph Phillips. Sophomores — Lncoln Bowers, Elliott McCoy, Hunter Niemzyk, Clinton Parker, Nick Quarandillo, Brian Vance.

Others: Seniors — Jason Charles, Keion Johnson, Malik Scott, Giuseppe Vitale. Juniors — David Gaff, Eidebran Grandos, Zamir Hernandez, Max Schleining, Tre’vuon Tyler. Sophomores — Hosham Al-Hasnawi, Antwaan Allen, Jake Egnor, Mason Hainey, Ian Jenks, Josh Santos, Vincent Snipes, Rob Taylor, Eddie Tyler, Quincey Washington. Freshmen — Jobe Baker, Nic Carr, Shaun Clarkson, Trenton Culbreath, Justin Davis, Ian Fahrenkrog, Juan Gamez, Tim Gunderson, Trevon Hart, Mikey Holtz, Devin Jones, Eduardo Marin, Ivan Morales, David Pittman, Keegan Roberts, J.T. Webb, Jacob Woodruff.

Next meet: Saturday, April 19 at Northridge Relays.


Coach: Peter Casaletto.

Roster: Seniors —Anthony Crossgrove, David Risner, Joe Tofilon. Juniors —Jude Allen, Gabe Helmuth, Nick Hickman, Nathanael Knight, Nick Lyon, Phil Walsworth, Steve Weaver, Michael Brown, Trent Kautzmann, Jacob Kersey, Kodey Maxwell, Spencer Morehead, Andrew Shaum, Austin Springer, Francis Uzorh, Mac White. Freshmen — Lucas Casaletto, Evan Hartman, Garrett McKee, Johannes Menbere, Kris Waycaster.

Next: Thursday, April 17 at Jimtown.


Coach: Adam Homo.

Assistants: Dana Homo, Jim Eger, Mitch Henderson, Jim Meuninck, Barry Hines, Rick Murray, Shaun McAllister, John Disher.

2013 record: 6-2.

Returning letterwinners: Seniors — Steven Johnson, Blake Kramer. Juniors — Darrius Baker, Spencer Dibley, Tanner Faus, Jaylin Rhodes. Sophomores — David Doyle, Eli Green-Rogers, Charles Hawkins, Jarret Lauer.

Others: Seniors — Derek Fisher, Lewis Hull, Tyriq Kalam, Liam Wilcox. Juniors — Bryce Banghart, Abraham Castro, Deashton, Antyony Keen, Jason Lin, Marcus Love, Bre’don Nickoson, Charles Pates, Jermaine Pulliam, Brock Rhoda, Kyle Richards, Justin Sellers, Luke Spray, Isaac Stansbury, Kaleb Summers, Delshawn Whitman, Kyle Wojciechowski. Sophomores — Daniel Brummet, Tacoryrieo Edwards, Micah GIlbert, Stephen Howard, Ryan Lawlor, Steven Mittadam, Shivam Nathu, Juan Paez, Duncan Samuels, Mytchell Sellers, Cameron Sommers. Freshmen — Carl Arnett, Aaron Burnett, Cory Chupp, Hunger Crisp, Torreon Edwards, Zachary Lehman, Nathanial Love, Erick Martinez, Logan Mather, Darious Moore, Hunter Moore, Oscar Ocampo, Collin O’Neal, Julio Perez, Coy Price, Tyreece Roundtree, Austin Scott, Anthony Simeri, Kane Truman, Kenyatta Young.

Next: Saturday, April 19 at Northridge Relays.


Coach: Bob Miller (27th season).

Returning letterwinners: Seniors — Garrett Cole, Morgan Crosby, Micah Geyer, Andew Hagar, Cameron Kitson, Thomas Martin, Austin Miller, Nathan Miller, Alex Oberlin, Tyler Rodes, Adrian Torres, Trevor Yoder. Juniors — Luke Adams, Daniel Hartzler, Nolan Miller, Jami Mitcham, Keegan Showalter. Sophomores —Mitch DeWitt, Cameron Kitson, Ethan Miller, Spencer Roose, Dawson Smallwood.

Others: Seniors — Garrett Goppert, Jake Miller, Jordan Miller, Ray Rios. Juniors —Javen Yoder, Dallas Konrad, Tim Hostetler, Will Kercher, Shawn Peddle, Javen Yoder. Sophomores — Alec Brock, Austin Burton, Tuxon Cox, Jacob Curry, Seth Hoffman, Jacob Landes, Jack Rhodes. Freshmen — Mathias Chupp, Mason Cole, Spencer Doriot, Jeffrey Jackson, Travis McCoy, Landon Miller, Preston Miller, Sethan Miller, Trey Neihert, Lucas Niswonger, Zach Perez, John Raber, Grant Sanchez, Zack Wagler, Brady Willard.


Coach: Brock Maust (ninth season).

Assistants: Mike Wynn, Chris DuBois, Brett Baranic, Kevin Mark, Mike Biller, Jesse Vasquez, Rachael Baker, Brock Goodman, John Place, Graham Clark, Kyle Laker, Carl Weaver.

2013 record: 4-3.

Returning letterwinners: Seniors — Josh Bustos, Samuel Byler, Ricardo CAstillo, Jamie Graves, Mykal Kauffman, Mitchell Watts. Juniors — Garardo Abad, Andrew Pillow, Abraham Medellin, Jacob Isnogle, Nicholas Gerber, Quinten Holley. Sophomores — Hudson Kay, Cameron Kline, Colton Potter.

Next: Thursday, April 17 vs. Northridge/Wawasee.


Coach: Joe Linville (20th season, 126-56).

Assistants: Travis Daniels, Jessica Linville, Emily Dean, Lots Pinnyei, Seth Anglemyer.

2013 record: 5-0 in Northern State Conference.

Returning Letterwinners: Seniors — Zack Bailey, Connor Gasper, Chance Livings, Trey Zufan, Anthony Fizer. Juniors — Adam Gill, Travis Holderread, Brock Johnson, Drew Klawiter, Marquis Sheiber, Andrew Snyder, Dylan Stoll. Sophomoes — Jared Aites, Dylan Dickson, Brian Hernendez, Nick Trevino, Jake Vicsik.

Others: Seniors —Marcus Bickel, Miles Osler. Juniors — Grant Bour, Gary Moore. Sophomores —- Adam DeShone, John Martinez, Lennon Schnied, Jake Spier. Freshmen — T.J. Attkisson, Brandon Burkhart, Mason Castro, Ryan Holman, Max Magyar, Tanner Magyar, Yuriy Melnik, Sam Pawlak, Lucas Robinson, Blaine Ryman, Dalton Whitman.

Next: Thursday, April 17 vs. Elkhart Christian.


Coach: Jeff Payne (first season).

Assistants: Andy Williams, Chris Howell, Shawn Puckett, Paul Johnson, Alicia Hooley.

Returning letterwinners: Seniors — Cody Howell, Alex Mark, Blake O’Dell. Juniors — James Bradberry, Michael Fickert, Austin Healey, Keith Miller, Nolan Rhodes, Jake Wargo. Sophomores — Bryce Johnson, Conner Sandt.

Others: Seniors — Neel Patel, Jailyn Rolle. Juniors — Kevin Avelino, Ryan Haarer, Darian Johnson, Sven Johnson, Brandon Kramer, Austin Reilly, Travis Schlabach, Trystan Stringfellow, David Welker, Matt White, Derek Woolsey, Isaac Zickafoose, Logan Zimmerman. Sophomores — Riley Gorden, Gavin Herman, Mikey Kyle, Clayton Kniesly, Eric Miller, Dean Ridenour, Mitchell Schrock, Malaki Stewart. Freshmen — Justin Ayres, Jake Bedwell, Nathan Blyly, Mason Cross, James Dugel, Andy Kauffman, Bailey Lang, Blake Mawhorter, Josh Middleton, Tim Stutzman, Harrison Vanorman, Nathan Williams, Ben Zuercher.

Next meet: Thursday, April 17 at Goshen.


Coach: Mark BeMiller (first season).

Assistants: Jeff Biller, Justin Bell, Scott Tuttle Austin Hamsher, Mark Mikel.

Returning letterwinners: Seniors — Matt Prochno, Reid Yoder, Will Schrock, Devon Hunsberger, Will Stueve, Bennett Parker, Jake Snider, Brandon Scott, Griffin Heckaman. Juniors — Josh Chupp, Nick Skwarcan, Zach BeMiller, Derek Weldy. Sophomores — Bailey Gessinger, Jeremiah Hilty, Mason Pippenger, Alex Tindle.

Others: Senior — Tanner White. Juniors — Travis Bear, Zach Schwartz, Tristan Ramirez. Sophomores — Tucker White, Nathan Schmitt. Freshmen — Caleb Darr, Preston Tener, Garrett Griffin.


Coach: Scott Lancaster (15th season).

Assistants: Dave Stookey, Scot McDowell, Staci Weisser, Dough Slabauth, Tyson Kaase, Jade Bobek.

Returning letterwinners: Seniors — Ethan Brown, Kevin Carpenter, Chase Corrigan, Adam Doll, Austin Krizman, Michael Pena. Juniors — Adam Baker, Stori Bright, Zach Cockrill, Clayton Cook, J.J. Gilmer, Jake Hutchinson, Austin Rhodes, Austin Trowbridge, Jon Walker. Sophomores — Jaxson Bame, Erick Meier.

Others: Seniors — Jamison Bolt, Jacob Tucco, Austin Yoder. Juniors — Troy Carolus, Tyler Courter, Erick Diaz, Hunter Jones, Cameron Krizman, Joao Lacerda, Kris Marquart, Michael Stepp, Austin Trowbridge, Joshua Tucco. Sophomores — Logan Brugh, Alex Doll, Dylan Elpusan, Chuck Impey, Ryan Lockhart, David Yankosky, Ethan Zhou. Freshman — Kollin Bell, Sam Griner, Brandon Lopez, Marcos Mejia, Paul Mendoza, Cole VanLue.

Next: Thursday, April 17 at Goshen.


Coach: Paul Baker (16th season).

Assistants: Kurt STump, Brittany Hommerding

Roster: Seniors — Micah Hunsberger, Trey Kennedy. Juniors — Chandler Aspy, Buchanan Carpenter, Daniel Flores, Tim Hostetler, Matt Miller. Sophomores — Nick Yoder, Spencer Shank, Brock ’Miller, Lindon McDonald, Arthur Koeler. Freshmen — Ben Bontrager, Gunnar Eagleson, Atlee Frain, Derek Miller, Caleb Mishler, Richard Parker, Gage Taylor.

Next: Thursday, April 17 vs. Elkhart Christian.

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