Howey, Brian

President Trump doesn’t look to be in much danger of losing his office this winter. But if history teaches us anything from past 20th century impeachment efforts, his reelection is on thin ice next November and his Trumpublicans may face harrowing losses, particularly outside of Indiana.

The latest polling comes for CNN and Monmouth that had 49 percent favoring impeachment, with 51 percent in CNN and Pew Research and 50 percent in Monmouth backing his removal from office. This doesn’t appear to be enough to dislodge any of the 53 Senate Republicans from voting for his acquittal (Sen. Mike Braun predicted acquittal on Wednesday), but it bodes ill for his reelection and the party’s prospects this November.

Brian A. Howey is publisher of Howey Politics Indiana at Find Howey on Facebook and Twitter @hwypol.

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Might as well get the FOXNEWS poll to compare.....I’m sure they will be the


Mr Wowey is living in the world of the movie Minority Report! chuckle chuckle! I actually heard a nationally rate left wing reporter say tonight...."you need not commit a crime to be guilty of it!" WHAT???? That is dystopian!


The true fact is President did nothing for impeachment. We the people are learning how much deceitful lying , corruption that Schifty Schiff and his congress mob are into. Pathetic what they are doing to our country. The money it's costing Us. Republicans we need to get out and vote Red


The Emperor has no clothes on.................

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