The Indiana Supreme Court faces a “political” decision that will be known in the next three weeks: What to do about Attorney General Curtis Hill?

Former justice Myra Selby recommended a 60-day suspension in light of his 2018 sine die party horndogging, in which he was accused of groping a Democratic legislator and three staffers. She also recommended no automatic return to office. Indiana law requires the AG to be “duly licensed to practice law in Indiana.”

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Once again Howey turns this into a political battle! This isn't a political battle at all. This is a personal vendetta. A Holcomb/Hill debacle. No proof anything happened. Just allegations! No one can testify to wrong doing. No witnesses saw the infractions. No camera footage from the bar. So once again, are unprovable allegations enough to ruin a persons life? Not being a Hill fan...he is allowed all the protections under the law. He has the right to face his accusers. He IS innocent until proven guilty. My message is either bring criminal charges, try him in a court of law, or JUST PLAIN SHUT UP! Holcomb will certainly not get my vote next time around!


I hope you feel the same about Walorski. She threw him under the bus also.

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