With closing arguments completed and Senate jurors in Q&A mode in President Trump’s impeachment trial, we find this a cleaved nation, with the We Ask America Poll in Indiana perfectly framing the situation: 47.4 percent of Hoosiers approve of the president, 47.7 percent disapprove. A Fox News Poll released Monday has 50 percent supporting Trump’s impeachment and removal, while 44 percent oppose.

There is little that can be said from the well of the Senate that will change the opinion of these masses, or of the two major political parties, or perhaps even you, dear reader. The Senate on Friday was poised to acquit President Trump. The risks facing Republican senators are the recent revelations from Lev Parnas and now former national security advisor John Bolton. Will that give them pause prior to their potentially premature verdict?

Brian A. Howey is publisher of Howey Politics Indiana at www.howeypolitics.com. Find Howey on Facebook and Twitter @hwypol.

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Verified by who Sunsoaked? The FBI? That’s a joke right.

Joe King

Time for more tin foil layers.....


Any article that includes the names Lev Parnas and Rachel Madcow as legitimate sources can not be believed. Why is the Truth printing this guys hogwash stories again. It must be budget constraints. He is a clueless left wing hack.

Joe King

Its relevant since in one of Trump's 16,241 lies (as of 1/20/2020, so it may be low), that he doesn't not know Lev Parnas. Not true...Photos, videos, audio of Trump and his Ukrainian/Russian henchman working for Trump and Guliani. Audio of Trump telling Parnas to "take her out".... Tell me sidearm....how many people don't you know did you discuss "taking someone out"? I love when Trumpeters don't like to hear, read, and listen to facts.... Keep it up journalist! Do your job and expose all the dirt!


Buy more Kleenex Joe. You will not enjoy the next 5 years. The audio is all faked, the pictures from political fund raisers. Plenty of opportunity for devious liberals to exploit. I love the fact that you are not happy with the fraudulent impeachment scam. KAGA, get used to it Joe.


I agree Joe. The fact that Indiana had over 47% disapprove of the president says something. I know of Indiana republicans who wrote their senator indicating they were on the wrong side of this. Blindly supporting Trump - without thinking for oneself - is dangerous. Sidearm-seems you have your head in the sand about Parnas: There is authenticated audio, video, and documents to support what he is saying. Yes Parnas is of questionable character but the evidence is overwhelming and is verified. Many who voted for Trump are changing their mind - not all are "devious" liberals.

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