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Congresswoman Walorski, are you proud of yourself now that you played a significant part in the desecration and attempted sedition of our Constitution which occurred on Jan. 6, or do you claim, as many of the members of the Republican party have done, that you "never saw this coming"? That is laughable to say the least. Plus it's a total lie.

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I did not see any of you being critical of BLM or Antifa as they rioted, killed people and burned down minority businesses, police stations and other Federal government buildings this summer. Where ere you? Why were your voices not heard?

All of you complaining about Ms Walorski have an opportunity to replace her. Put your money and time and effort where your mouth is Run against her. Tell us what you believe in and maybe you will win. But you won’t even try. As the saying goes, put up or shout up. God Bless America.

Joe King

ha...their argument and their defense is "what-about-ism".'s not how it works...And you obviously can't tell the difference between protesters and insurrectionist. People protesting police killing unarmed black men...again, again, and again....If you need any more proof towards the police and white privilege, just look at what happened in DC. peaceful BLM protesters were rounded up and ran out by police, rangers, and military, while white angry people were allowed to cause mayhem in the capital building, then allowed to leave...Where were the rangers, the military and all that the White house used for BLM for a photo shoot...And please don't forget about the Gerry mandering set up by the GOP to allow the gop to remain in office and in control because that is the only way they can win...make the precinct line fair and balanced and then we will talk.

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