How about a price freeze?

I remember back in the early to mid-'50s the government imposed a price freeze. On everything! From candy bars to home mortgages, food, rent, new purchases, etc. The price had to remain the same.

I was just an adolescent at the time and don't remember why this was done, but as I think back, maybe due to inflation? Does anyone else remember this? I DO remember there was less tension. I also remember a time when prices did not go up steadily like they do now. I think something can be learned from this.

Helen Finnigan,


Climate change hype

In reference to John Smith’s letter, it saddens me to realize there are so many like him who have only exposed themselves to the dark side of what started out being called "global warming." I believe it’s wrong to ignore far too many scientists who disagree with him.

Now it’s the all-encompassing climate change, which is a strange label since the climate always changes. What hasn’t changed is the failure of every climate prediction made since Al Gore started his conspiracy theory. None of what he predicted has come to pass, but it hasn’t stopped Democrats from continuing his fallacies.

I’m all for taking care of our planet but let’s do so because it makes sense, not because we’ll all die if we don’t.

Evan Martin,

Spring Hill, Tennessee

Hypocrisy of state laws

I just finished reading David Jester’s letter concerning ‘End of gun permits’ in the Nov. 3 People's Forum. Mr. Jester stated that the Legislature is reckless and irresponsible. I would suggest that the super majority Republicans who voted in the anti-abortion law and the open carry for everybody law are the equivalent of the inhabitants of the ninth ring of hell in Dante’s "Inferno."

To posture that they are so loving of an unborn fetus that all must pay the price, unless the female happens to be the daughter, sister or such relation to them, in which case that female will be checked into the hospital and their "friendly doctor" will perform an "appendectomy."

They equate this with their so-called Christian love of life and never blink about their hypocrisy. No, they tell the police departments from local through state police that no, your life is not worth safeguarding and vote to allow any one to open carry any weapon, and wonder why Indiana is viewed as some dystopian warped state.

The ninth ring alluded to earlier is where the treacherous, two-faced liars are sent. Yep, they congratulate themselves that they have saved an unformed fetus from death and disparage all the living, children through adults, to be gunned down by someone who would in another state not be allowed to ever own a killing machine known as a firearm.

They seem to have wrapped themselves in the cloth known as MAGA and will never see themselves as they are, the naked cultic followers. Apparently as long as we the people remain silent, those cult followers will continue to vote to make Indiana appear to be a third world country, based on ignorant emotions, and keep their rational being firmly under lock and key. A rational public may yet save us from the treacherous ninth ring. Hopefully, enough of us will engage and own our rational self, weigh the arguments pro and con and vote as knowledgeable adults. 

Dick Myatt,


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