No Republican support

If you are planning on how to spend your COVID check, thank a Democrat. If you are getting extended unemployment benefits, thank a Democrat. If your kids are going back to school soon, thank a Democrat. If you can pay your rent, thank a Democrat.

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Let me help you out there. If you need the Covid check because your state has been shut down, thank a democrat.If you need unemployment benefits because your state has been shut down, thank a democrat. If your kids are not already back in school, thank the teachers union (democrat). If you can’t pay your rent because your state is shut down,thank a democrat.

Joe King

We are in this mess because your lord and savior Trump thought this was a hoax...didn't prepare for it, denied science, etc, etc, etc....He even got a vaccine in secret and hasn't told any of his sheep. It took a Democrat to put it in action and get the vaccine out. Oh those pesky facts...Not one Republican supported it and Only Republicans challenged the election claiming false allegations and only republicans signed a letter against the election.....Oh those pesky little facts...


"Pesky little facts." Refreshing your memory, Biden was sworn in as president on Jan 20, 2021. Explain how persons in the medical field were able to receive the vaccine in mid December? How were people in Indiana, 80 or older able to sign-up for the vaccine around the 6th of Jan 2021? Explain how people 70 or older and their caregivers were able to sign-up for the vaccine around Jan 14 2021 and have first shots by Jan 26 or sooner. Actions were already in place before Biden took office so don't tell me it took a Democrat to put it in action. As for Trump getting his vaccine in secret, so what! My concern is the person we currently have in office and what secrets he is hiding.


It's too bad there isn't a TDS vaccine. Cause YOU GOT it BIG TIME! Didn't Trump institute a flight ban out of China to the U S? According to NY Times and Forbes as early as 1/31 20 he did! Trump and wife tested + 10/2/20. He was treated and survived. Much to your dismay! Meanwhile 13. 5 million people were vaccinated before he left office. Why? Because Trump got the vaccine produced! 13.5 million vaccinated before1/20/21. Newsweek backs that Joe! And yes Trump got vaccinated before leaving office. According to little Tony F you should wait 90 days after treatment. That's not true! Just like MR Ts no need for masks . We need masks. We 2 masks. 2 dozen masks would be better! Now, your lie of Trump calling the covid virus a HOAX. Never happened JoeY! According to Politifact ( left leaning) is the Trump quote. Now the democrats are politicizing the coronavirus, you know that right? You say How's President Trump doing? They go not good, not good! One of my people came up to me and said... Mr President, they tried to beat you on Russia, Russia, Russia. They tried the impeachment hoax. They lost. And this is their new hoax. The hoax referred to was his handling of the virus . Not that covid IS a hoax. Backed by Politifact. Sorry Joe ! Your allusions are blue haze illusions. And there are MORE pesky little facts. Like Trump allocating 1000s vents and millions of masks and PPE! 2 US Naval hospital ships to be used. One of California and one off NYC. Hardly used. And how about the Javits Center. Aw shucks ! Then you got the New York state killer. and right behind the leather wench in Michigan. Close everything down. NOW! And Elkhart county is BOOMING!!!!


Thanks sidearm. Do we need unemployment benefits? Now the Tony Fauci god says 3 feet! He lied all the time! Elkhart city, county , economy is killing it . ANOTHER huge corporation increasing it's campus by a quarter of a million square feet. City limits extended to CR 19 on the east. Extended past CR 1 on the west! Extended north to past CR4 and south to almost Hubbard Hill! Dang the bad economy! Alliance paying average $30 an hour. 650 jobs more there in a few years averaging $25+ an hour. If the DemonRats don't blow it up. And they are trying hard! Can't wait until 2022!

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