Reality of death

Dear editor,

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hey joe, wasn't hunter's computor containing all of the bidens' activities with the Ukraine and hunter's ex partner telling the FBI of all their dealings with the Ukraine

and other countries enough evidences enough for the bidens to be investaged for doing illegal activities which, according to hunter's ex-partner , a real live

witness , that inclided joe biden himself. if the FBI had acted when they received

hunter's computer , joe biden would not be the present elected president .

Joe King

Brought to you by....,Rudy Giuliani....enough said with that source...if it was real and legit, and not a Russia plot against Biden and democracy, do t you think the media and law enforcement would be all over it! Or ANY of the investigation decisions? Nope? Nothing? Nada? Even Fox Entertainment news didn’t cover it cause they knew.....


i have a question concerning joe biden. and his son hunter and their activies w/foreign

countries'. the new york post, i believe , is the only paper that printed tne whole

story concerning their involvement with Ukraine , but other news papers ignored

the story, budt dthe FBI had huntedr's computor for one year and investigate untill

a copy of the hard drive was turned into the post. just a few weeks before the

election...why was this anyway? was it to protect joe biden. having attended

the FBI academy , i had great administration fdor them, but i have my doubts'

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Joe King

The story had no credibility and failed fact checking. That’s why. It wasn’t ignored, it just wasn’t trustworthy and newsworthy.

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That is your opinion Joe. It won’t go away that easily. Hunter and Joe will be investigated for the next 4 years whether they are guilty or not. It will not receive a lot of left wing media coverage but the precedent has been set. Investigate everything all the time. Russian collusion and impeachment ring a bell? The Dems will give Biden the boot sooner or later but the investigation won’t stop. The truth will come out.

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