Health grant vote appalling

Thank you, Elkhart Truth and Jordan Fouts, for your coverage of the Sept. 11, 2021, meeting of the Elkhart County Council. Otherwise, the citizens of Elkhart County would not know that the Council voted to reject $3 million in public health funding from the Centers for Disease Control in an appallingly ignorant and short-sighted action.

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Lots of experts bashing those who choose not to be vaccinated. I get it, if you are not healthy get the shot, it may save your life. However, not one expert mentions that the best way to combat any virus is to take personal responsibility for our own health. Exercise, controlled diet, vitamins go a long way to being healthy. Smoking and obesity are the two driving factors in how well your immune system will fight this virus. Take some personal responsibility for your health, you may live longer and enjoy life more.

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