'Yes' on referendum

There's an incredibly important election approaching, and for the good of our children, I urge everyone to vote "yes" early or on May 4 for the referendum to support funding for Elkhart Community Schools.

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@8 positions at ECS pay over $100,000 and 1 $200,000. Where is all saved money from school consolidation? Approximately 190 days max of work. Most of the summer off, semester breaks, teacher learning breaks, most federal holidays off, spring break, Thanksgiving break etc.....And almost a whole year of tele/teaching!


A great deal of the savings can be found here at this link.


This data was made public during Dr. Thalheimer's Facebook Live presentation on March 11, 2021. Over $1,900,000.00 in administrative cost reductions since the 2017/2018 school year. Not to mention over $2,500,000.00 in new grants received to help with student well-being and to offset security and technology costs. Salaries in excess of $100,000.00 are admin positions. ECS is the second largest district in our area with 20 schools. It takes a lot of admin to run a 20 school district. Those nine positions you speak of total $1 million dollars, which is hardly a drop in the bucket vs the annual ECS budget, and those professional administrative leaders in those positions earn every dollar of their salaries. Holidays and breaks are earned in the teaching profession just like every other profession. Ask any virtual teacher and they will tell you from their actual experience that remote teaching is way more work than classroom teaching. Teachers didn't choose to work "almost a whole year of tele/teaching". Teachers were forced into it and they have pivoted as leaders and have continued to educate our children. We should all applaud our teachers!

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