Revenue from pot much needed

I am more than a little shocked and disappointed that the Niles Board of Commissioners chose to call a surprise vote on the ban of future dispensaries during Monday night’s meeting. I can tell you that there are many residents both in and around the City of Niles who were looking forward to the revenue that recreational marijuana would have brought to the area at large. I was also hoping that my public statement to that fact, which was omitted from the public comments, would have sent a clear message to the council that the people will see this pass in due time.

It is my hope that with the addition of new council members the resolution to ban new recreational marijuana dispensaries will be quickly overturned.

Jill Meuninck,

Edwardsburg, Michigan

Switch to renewable energy now

Major hurricanes have cost the U.S. over $780 billion. All but one of the most expensive of these has occurred since 2000. The cost of forest fires is approaching $3 billion annually and is increasing yearly. These figures don’t include tropical storms, nor does it include the number of people who lose their lives or have their lives affected by pollution or resettlement. How can we measure the cost of these events?

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s latest report stated that we have a very short time to switch to renewable energy

Switching to renewable energy is one of the most important strategies that offer a possible solution to a future that nobody wants to think about.

Thomas Rea,

Edwardsburg, Michigan

Open your minds to marijuana

Regarding Betty Mydland’s letter on medical marijuana: It’s simple. Our conservative representatives choose to keep their minds closed to the benefits of medical marijuana. The scare tactics that have been used concerning the “drug” since the 1930s are still strong in their psyches. It’s to “protect the children.” You know, the 8-year-olds that are always buying booze from the liquor stores and opioids from their neighborhood pharmacy.

That’s the “official” version.

In truth, the pharmaceutical companies don’t want to compete with something that a person can grow themselves. The story is that it’s too hard to regulate: I call bull excrement on that. Check the laws on selling alcohol, tobacco products, vape products, and, yes, prescription drugs. Why would it be harder to regulate than those. We can brew our own beer, make our own wine, grow our own tobacco legally. Medical marijuana should be no harder to regulate than those.

John Swegan,


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