Column lacks fairness

Brian Howey has said he wants the president to succeed but erases any attempt at fairness in his column on Jan. 4-5, “Senators, witnesses and censure.”

How else to explain his using ambassador Gordon Sondland’s testimony on Trump’s “quid pro quo” without referencing Sondland’s explicit denial, as in “… he said, I want nothing. I want no quid pro quo. Tell Zelensky to do the right thing. Or something to that effect …”? Sondland later confused everyone by backpedaling, but for Howey to cherry pick the damaging part and not mention what preceded it shows media dishonesty in full display.

What about the Bidens? How does Trump’s transgression (if that) compare to theirs? Does that have anything to do with why Nancy Pelosi hasn’t sent the articles of impeachment to Congress? With today’s media, the bigger story is often in what they won’t cover.

Samuel White,


‘Not on my watch’

I was absolutely amazed to see what editorial cartoon was in (the Jan. 8 edition of) the Truth.

As I write this, I now realize it could be a criticism of President Trump, but I look at it as a glaring difference between the apologetic previous administration and now. While the worst president in U.S. history gave away billions of hard-earned taxpayer dollars to a terrorist country, President Trump dealt with Iran as it should have been dealt with by saying, “Not on my watch.”

Evan Martin, 

Spring Hill, Tennessee

A Christmas blessing

On the Sunday before Christmas, I was taking advantage of our unusually warm weather to wash our front picture window. I was just finishing when I heard someone calling to me. To my surprise, a very pretty young woman was rushing across our yard saying, “Please be careful – let me help you.”

She had driven past our house, asked her companion to turn the car around so she could be sure I got down off the ladder safely and offered to finish the window. She said I reminded her of her grandmother and she would want someone to help her.

I was able to convince her I had indeed finished the window, so we chatted for a few moments. This young woman, whose name is Stephanie, looked like she was on her way to a party, yet she stopped to help a perfect stranger. She was so gracious and sweet – we hugged a few times as I thanked her for being so kind. I couldn’t stop smiling for several days when I thought about her. The saying “there are angels among us” is true as I was blessed to meet one that day.

Stephanie, if you happen to read this, the offer to stop for a visit still stands.

Sharon Humes,


Don’t be distracted

“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain,” the Wizard says to Dorothy as Toto reveals him spinning wheels and screaming into a mic. The House Supermajority is doing exactly that as the Indiana General Assembly returns on Jan. 6. In this case, Dorothy is state Superintendent of Public Instruction Jennifer McCormick as she calls out their hypocrisy and questions their intent.

These leaders claim that local school boards and administrators are at fault for misusing or hiding funds that the House has sent them. They would like to distract the local communities and educators from the fact that they have not invested in public education adequately to keep up with our neighbors.

Facts are hard to deny. Public schools use an average of 11 percent of their funds for administrative costs. Charters use 25 percent, and private schools taking vouchers, well, we will never know. In the last decade they have added 2,200 regulations to k-12 law in Title 20 code forcing the schools to add enforcement officers and coaches. Overall administrative numbers are actually down 29 percent to 46 percent statewide.

The public should not be distracted by the con men. Pay attention to the real problems and who is the cause.

Amy Stine,



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