Vote for King

Elections do matter and Goshen deserves the best. Julia King is seeking reelection to Goshen City Council at-large and I hope you will join me in voting for her.

I worked with Julia for a number of years in her role as community engagement specialist for Lacasa. I valued her honest, direct communication and her tenacity in addressing difficult neighborhood concerns. Julia advocated for and supported neighborhood associations, encouraged new leaders and significantly expanded the network of citizen engagement in Goshen.

Julia’s passion for engaged citizenry, thriving neighborhoods and a vibrant Goshen has been a central focus of her work on city council during her first term. Julia has been a thoughtful councilwoman who actively solicits and values input from all constituents. Julia has prioritized making local government more transparent and accessible, consistently encouraging citizen participation.

I’m confident that Julia will continue to ask the difficult questions and challenge Goshen to achieve it’s full potential as a vibrant community, welcoming the contributions of all of our citizens.

Vote on or before Nov. 5 for Julia King for City Council at-large.

Larry Gautsche,


Mow less, plant trees

I am a retired high school science teacher who is concerned about the world that our grandchildren will have as they grow to adulthood.

I think that a small step that many of us could take would be to mow less lawn and plant more trees and native plants.

We have planted more than a dozen trees at our home, and some of have grown to shade the west side of our house, helping to keep us cool in the summer. Red buds, dogwoods, serviceberries and oaks. There was an existing locust, which is one of my favorite trees.

You might choose an area of your property to plant things for birds and butterflies.

Ken Horst,



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