Is code enforcement sleeping?

When I walked a half dozen blocks along a southside alley last month, I noticed four properties with discarded tires. Is code enforcement sleeping this summer? Tires without a rim can hold water and provide a base for mosquitoes.

Ralph Spelbring,


Sporting events and the national anthem

Fall is approaching and professional football will soon be played. And with it the question for some players, should I kneel or stand as our national anthem is performed?

But there is a larger question. Why play “The Star-Spangled Banner” at sporting events? It was not until 1918, at the height of America’s involvement in the World War I, that it was played at any sporting event. Prior to that time, sporting events and our national anthem were never linked. Some form of what we now call Major League Baseball had been around since the late 1870s without the playing of “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

Perhaps it is time to begin discussing the advisability of playing our national anthem at any sporting event from public schools to professional football. There are much better ways to express our patriotism.

Richard (Dick) Craig, 


Vote for democracy

A major part of the chaos and wanton destruction caused by failed businessman Trump is the totally unnecessary trade war with everyone except Putin.

My family is among the myriad who have for the past century helped Indiana and the Midwest become an economic powerhouse. This global dominance includes our part in the global automotive supply chain and final assembly, soy and metals including steel and aluminum.

Already this short-sighted war is causing major disruption to business and will ripple to destroy jobs of many who voted for Trump.

It’s important this fall to vote for those who will stand up for democracy and against fascism.

Joe Lehman,


Geese overtake McNaughton Park.

I was under the impression that the parks were for families and friends to enjoy. I took my cousin to McNaughton Park a few weeks ago to have lunch and enjoy the park. It was awful. You couldn’t step anywhere because there were bird droppings all over the ground. It got all over your shoes and in the car and sidewalks when you got home, if you weren’t able to get it off. I feel sorry for the mothers with small children who have all they can do to watch and keep the little ones safe, much less to keep the doo off their shoes. 

Something needs to be done to get this park more family friendly. I love animals, but as they say, too much of a good thing becomes a bad thing. I know all the animal people won’t like my letter but let them build a bird sanctuary and we’ll look at them there. McNaughton is one of the few parks that’s easy for seniors to walk in, but not in this condition.

I know this has been spoken of before and I guess this is the outcome: nothing. Please help find a solution.

Carole Bellaire,


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Is there a new landfill or dump on HOMELAND approx. 1/2 mile north of co. rd. 10 ? Looks like it

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