Heroes of all kinds

It’s a bit ironic that there were two stories about heroes on the front page of the Elkhart Truth on Sept. 7.

For who who do not believe in super heroes, I would refer you to the story at the bottom of the page about the folks from our local law enforcement agencies who made the arrest.

When words like “serious,” “violent” and “felon” are tossed around, you have to think someone is lucky to be alive.

Pete Ostapchuk,


What to do about global warming

With a major hurricane bearing down on the east coast it’s time to acknowledge that global warming is a fact. A major cause is the increase of carbon dioxide and methane in the atmosphere as a result of the burning of fossil fuels.

There are things we can do to lessen the effect of this. We can divest ourselves of stocks that are in any way involved in the production or the burning of fossil fuels. We can sell any property we might own in hurricane prone areas.

Most importantly, we can vote for candidates in November who will encourage the production of electricity from renewal energy sources.

Every day counts.

Thomas J. Rea,

Edwardsburg, Michigan

The flag speaks

The teacher spoke. “Children, stand. Face the flag. Place your hand over your heart. Recite with me. I pledge allegiance ...”

Children’s voices chorused. “to the flag …”

“Stop!” A voice. Loud. Commanding.

The children fell silent. Question marks crossed their brows. The voice came again, louder this time. “STOP!”

The flag unfurled itself, even though there was no wind. Mouths dropped open. Sharp intakes of breath scattered around the room. Much like popcorn heating on a hot stove burner.

Standing statue still, they watched. Something different. Something important was happening.

“I am your American flag. Sit down. Listen.”

They obeyed.

“I once was proud to fly over America. I once felt humbled when you pledged your allegiance to me. I believed you when you declared yourselves to be a nation with liberty and justice for all. I took your words as a promise to me. A promise you are breaking. Justice for all? A humorless joke. I fly high above you. I see what you do. I hear what you say. Justice? Maybe for some, but not for all. Shame on you. I do not want you to pledge your allegiance to me. Not until you stand behind your words, so others do not have to kneel to get your attention.”

The flag dropped and hung limply on its post.

The teacher spoke. “Class dismissed.”

Margaret Cook,


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