U.S. 33 needs a pedestrian crossing

My little brother, our best friend and I grew up riding bikes. We rode all over town. We were allowed to ride to Ox Bow, but never across U.S. 33. Now I see why. When I worked at the Concord Martin’s, I had to ride my bike to work. As a 16-year-old, I didn’t have my license yet, and my parents couldn’t drive me because they work. Crossing 33 anywhere is pretty dangerous, even if you are being safe. Having no crosswalks is more dangerous. Having a crosswalk across U.S. 33 would eliminate the danger.

Pedestrians need to get across, cyclists want to get across. People need to get to work, and some people are just really craving some Taco Bell. This is just dangerous for those people. I believe there should be a crosswalk so those pedestrians and cyclists can be safe in their commutes.

I know a lot of kids who walk to Concord over the tracks for school every day. In the mornings, going to school, it is very dangerous crossing U.S. 33. Most high-schoolers know how to cross a street, and can be safe, but it is still dangerous. A crosswalk would definitely keep these kids safe in the morning.

It is dangerous for people to cross 33 – people going to the mall, people shopping, kids going to school, and even people who are craving Martin’s chicken. There are also kids going to a friend’s house, meeting up with friends at the mall.

Timothy Keim,


Many reasons for abortion

I am expressing support for maintaining legal abortion. The reason why I believe that abortion should be legal because I believe that women have the right to choose whatever they want to do with their bodies and decide for themselves if they want an abortion or not.

This issue is very important to me because women have abortions for many reasons, including personal circumstances, a risk to the mother, or a high chance that the baby will have serious genetic or physical abnormality. For example, my grandmother got an abortion after having so many babies she could no longer carry another child. If she did, the baby would kill her. So she had no choice but to have an abortion for her to survive.

Abortion is such a personal topic to talk about that I feel like the government should not be involved. Legalizing abortion could possibly save a woman’s life. If the woman can’t afford to have a baby she should have the choice to abort the baby. Legalizing this would make a huge difference for woman living in the country and it could help them out a lot.

In conclusion keeping abortion legal could help thousands of women in the country and save many lives.

Julissa Perez,


Leave abortion decision to mother

I am extremely pro-life, but if a mother is unable to care for the child or is not mentally prepared for a child, she should be allowed to abort it. There are many reasons as to why a woman would need to abort her child. She could be a teen who is unready for a child. She could have been raped. The pregnancy could cause health risks to the mother or child.

The ideology that they should just put the child up for adoption because there are parents who want a child but can’t have one is wrong. The adoption process is long and strenuous. Most couples don’t even qualify. And anyways, there are already so many kids in the system as is. Why put more kids through that just to make them wish they weren’t alive. Why make them suffer in their future? Instead avoid it all together and abort before they become just another statistic. Don’t let the rate of suicides and depression increase by forcing parents to keep a child they know they can’t care for.

It is a right to the mother to abort her child. It is the right of the mother to make whatever decision she feels is necessary.

Hayley Harding,


Immigration positions hurt American workers

Whatever happened to the Democrats’ famed support for the little people, the American workers? When it comes to jobs, Democrats have been siding with foreign workers.

Few issues have ever collapsed the phone lines in D.C. like the issue of illegal immigration. The American people have repeatedly voiced their outrage over Washington’s failure to enforce current immigration laws and their push for amnesty.

Since becoming senator, Joe Donnelly hasn’t proposed any legislation addressing immigration. Donnelly only supports large, comprehensive immigration bills that offer amnesty first with promises of enforcement later, if at all. Donnelly will never vote for a stand alone bill to fund and build the wall on our southern border.

Democrat congressional candidate Courtney Tritch seems to be of one mind with Donnelly and the Koch Brothers when it comes to immigration. Fill open jobs with wage-depressing foreign labor no matter what the cost to the taxpayer.

By contrast, Republican Congressman Jim Banks has voted for a bill to reduce mass legal immigration and keep illegal immigrants out of the workplace by making e-verify mandatory. Supporting Donnelly or Tritch would not be in the best interest of the American worker.

Greg Serbon, 

Indiana Federation for Immigration Reform and Enforcement

Crown Point

Federal tax cuts helping Hoosiers

Due to last year’s federal tax cuts, thousands of Hoosier families now have more money to spend on daily expenses. Most importantly, Hoosiers have more financial flexibility, with more money to save and invest.

Vice President Mike Pence, a proud Hoosier, recently highlighted the new tax cuts and their help in America’s booming economy. In his words: “Indiana is a tremendous example of the prosperity that is unleashed when we cut taxes and set free the dreams of our citizens. This state has claimed a powerful competitive edge built on low taxes and less regulation.”

As a new business owner, having lower taxes and less regulations, I can spend more time focused on growing the business and bringing new customers to our store. Last year’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act not only boosted my paycheck, which is especially useful as every dollar counts as our new business grows, but it also makes it easier for me to hire new employees, as we have more money to provide for salaries.

Kayzie Weedman, 


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Vice president Pence says, “ cut taxes and set free the dreams of our citizens.” Folks, now really, isn't that a little too much silly political speak for even you ? What were the tax cuts for 30 percent of American workers in the retail and service / desperate employment industry ? 8 dollars a week ? Then it jumps to a whopping 15 dollars a week ? Small business gets to add another employee or get a new machine ? Folks, I am just pointing out how little these left - right corporate fascists respect your intellect by blurting such grandiose statements right to your face. And with this one, expect you to actually feel as if your dreams have been set free. Wouldn't a more realistic statement have been to just cut taxes and leave a little more money for your needs and not worry about adding to the 21.5 Trillion dollar debt right now . Of course saying that, the vice president would have exposed that the whole debt thing is really a joke and nothing more than a haunting specter to keep us all afraid to actually demand that the money printing go on as usual without all the woe is me nonsense. And no, at this rate of spending, tax cuts do not pay for themselves. And no, we are not going to decrease spending. So when you enjoy your tax cuts be brave and admit that the national debt really doesn't concern you. Come out of that “what about the national debt” closet. In this age of information don't you feel a little silly in there ? Say it with me. Ready ? The national debt doesn't matter. Now keep repeating that and set yourself free of that fear.

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