Solid record of service

Local elections are coming up and it’s time to examine the service record of those running for different offices.

Julia King is seeking reelection as Goshen City Council representative at-large. I have known Julia for more than a decade; I know her as a person of deep commitment to our community, one who spends considerable time acquainting herself with the issues that affect the lives of people in this town and this county. She is supportive of neighborhood associations as they work to improve the quality of life for the good of all.

Julia is a reliable voice for what transpires at council meetings and has a fine-tuned ear for what citizens experience, appreciate, and worry about. She is a trusted source for explaining what council actions mean for our day-to-day lives, and works to bring a sense of clarity, teamwork, and ownership for all. She is articulate, intelligent, and has a vision for creating the very best for our town now and in the future.

Julia is a long-time member of our community and truly understands the community. She has the vision and experience to represent all of us, regardless of age, gender, race, or party affiliation. Her experience serving as representative-at-large and the trust she has built with various constituents qualifies her to continue her excellent service.

I urge Goshen citizens to examine her record of service and cast your vote – on or before Nov. 5 – for Julia King as continuing at-large City Council representative.

Lois K. Bare,


King for Goshen council

On Nov. 5 the citizens of Goshen will be tasked with selecting members of the Goshen City Council. One existing council member in particular needs to be re-elected, and that candidate is Julia King.

I had the privilege of serving on the Goshen City Council from 2000 to 2007, so I know firsthand how challenging it can be to help govern and lead a community into a brighter tomorrow. It’s hard work, and it also requires you to work hard by seeking out and listening to community members, evaluating options and new opportunities, offering suggestions and creative solutions, and does not give in to partisan politics, but to simply work hard for Goshen. It also requires you to check your ego at the door, and to simply do the right thing.

When complex or controversial issues have come before council during the past four years, I have been so thankful that Julia King was there to help decide the outcome. I truly believe that a guiding principle for her is what is in the best interest of our community. She is able to make wise decisions because she puts in the time necessary to thoroughly review and understand the issues that come before council. Her long service to the community prior to being elected to council has served her well, since she understands what is required to have a healthy and vibrant community and takes a holistic approach to crafting solutions.

If you want city government to function well, then elect wise and hardworking members to Goshen City Council. Julia King has served us well as an at-large member of the Goshen City Council and is the right person for the job. Please don’t sit this election out; on Nov. 5 please help re-elect Julia King.

Daniel Grimes,


Appreciate restaurant offers 

Over the summer I have personally appreciated some of the “perks” offered by our local eateries.

In July, McAlister’s Deli sent out an offer for free tea for a year – up to one a day! This month, Callahan’s Restaurant celebrated its 35th anniversary by giving meals for ½ price. I was able to take family members who wouldn’t have normally been able to order a 12-ounce steak or a whole slab of ribs.

Yes, the waitresses were very busy, but people were in a good mood. I also enjoy the many coupons through the mail for local restaurants, which I will share. Bigby coffee offered free coffee up to twice a week through September. They gave out a lot of coffee in hopes the public will come back and order items. So thanks for the businesses and the offers.

Alice Brooks,



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