Panhandling in Elkhart

There was an article in The Elkhart Truth a few weeks ago saying no panhandling is allowed in the city of Elkhart. Then how come there is a man and his dog standing on the corner of C.R. 6 and Cassopolis Street almost every day of the week?

Today there were two men out there. He seems to take good care of his dog, has food and water for the dog. Why hasn’t somebody tried to help this person?

Chris Conklin,



Consider photo-radar 

There is a way to slow down global warming that is completely ignored by the experts. The typical driver could reduce gasoline consumption by at least 20% by simply following the speed limit.

On our highways 10 mph over the limit is a given and 20 mph over is common. The typical speed on West Bristol street is closer to 50 than the 35 that is posted. Patrol cars could not solve the problem but photo-radar can. It was done in Scottsdale, Arizona, for a while and was so successful that the legislature outlawed it. They had to slow down too. They claimed it was done just to generate income for the city. These units are expensive but pay for themselves quickly. Speeding results in a summons in the mail with a photo and a fine.

Elkhart County needs a few hundred of these units. Nationally this is a win, win, win event: a reduction in global warming, thousands of lives saved, drivers save hundreds of dollars per year on gasoline. Brakes would last longer but most drivers would not care about that. The problem is we do not have the moral courage to carry this out. Concern about global warming is just not that high.

Gerald Formsma,



Misreading the Constitution

I am a lifelong Republican but getting tire of hearing the Second Amendment misquoted. It is not about the “right to bear arms.” It is about “a well-regulated militia.” It reads: “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”

Only if you’re a part of “a well-regulated militia” do you have a right to have a gun. Not any militia but a “well-regulated militia.” You may have a gun, but don’t claim it as a constitutional right. It isn’t.

Please take a few minutes and look it up. Read the Second Amendment. It is time to stop claiming something that just doesn’t exist in our Constitution.

Richard Craig,



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