Comparing cases of Hill, Kavanaugh

Sen. Joe Donnelly would be acting in the best interest of the people of Indiana by not voting to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh if the Senate holds a vote without an independent investigation of professor Christine Ford’s sexual assault allegations.

A similar situation is occurring in Indiana involving Attorney General Curtis Hill, who was recently accused of sexual misconduct. Almost immediately after the accusations were made, many state political leaders, including Gov. Eric Holcomb, sought Hill’s immediate resignation.

However, Hill correctly demanded that an independent investigation of the allegations must take place first, before any action is taken to remove him from high office. Fortunately, for the sake of the nation’s critical principle of due process, this investigation is under way.

I strongly recommend that Donnelly apply the principle now being followed to determine our attorney general’s future as a model for how the U.S. Senate should proceed regarding the matter now before it. Senators should vote on Kavanaugh’s suitability for the Supreme Court only after all the facts are known. No good purpose is ever served by a rush to judgment.

Andrew Waters


Road construction worth trouble

During the winter months, there were major pot hole issues along Nappanee Street and C.R. 6. Thanks to those areas getting black-topped, it is so much easier to drive, plus it looks so much better.

Having to drive during any construction is no fun, but when it’s all said and done, it makes a difference.

Also kudos for the lovely pink flowering baskets down on Main Street. Now if everyone would remove all the outdated garage-sale signs around town, that would also be appreciated. 

Alice Brooks,


Support Street, Forestry departments

There are a number of very good departments within the city. Two of these include the Street Department and the Forestry Department. Their efforts and those of their capable staff provide for safe streets, tree and ground maintenance, pedestrian walkways and sidewalks. Both departments are doing the very best they can with what manpower and equipment they have, but they could use more. And they deserve it. 

I encourage the city council to be receptive to these department requests this year and to embrace the budgetary numbers put forth by them. They have proven that they do a fine job for the citizens of Elkhart and additional assistance will help maintain the quality of work.

Bradley Vite


Stand firm against Judge Kavanaugh

I’m writing as a voter, constituent and a woman. Brett Kavanaugh is not a viable or acceptable choice for the Supreme Court. He’s accused of sexual assault and his accuser has no reason to lie. She has evidence to back up her claims. I stand with Christine Ford.

And as if that’s not enough, Kavanaugh also committed perjury and has a troubling and puzzling financial record, and the Senate Republicans have refused to provide most of Kavanaugh’s records to the American people.

Sen. Todd Young and Sen. Joe Donnelly should not allow or participate in a vote on this nomination.

Ashley Schafer,


VA should hire veterans 

New report came out that there are 45,000 unfilled positions at the Veterans Administration. Why aren’t job recruiters going to the homeless shelters and helping veterans get into these positions. No one knows veterans better than veterans. No veteran left behind!

James Yakym,


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Her story has more holes then cheesecloth. Factor in the timing, and any fair minded person sees it for the HOGWASH it is. Vote out Dippy Donnelly.


Stand firm against Kavanaugh ? Folks, Mrs. Ford passed a polygraph that never once brought up the name of Kavanaugh. Don't you think there is the slightest chance that we are being Jerry Springered here ? And as for being all important, do any of you really think that the supreme court does anything or votes any other way than what their corporate overlords tell them to ? Do you ? Look at the life and death pageantry that this issue is being presented with. All this over a corporate stooge justice ? Nothing sinking in ? It would be nice if we all eventually realized how fortunate we still are when our politics can sink to the level of a fake wraslin match and society still goes on as usual. That alone proves the intact and 100 year old sheer magnitude of corporate fascist manipulation that so many need to so desperately deny. Folks, right now it is all fun and games / denial. However, make no mistake, when the scarcity of natural resources intensify all matters of existence, and the international corporate imperialists are through with us, we will be irreversibly politically and economically third worlded. And then the fun will stop. When the fun stops, corporate goon squads will come to a neighborhood near you and your friendly neighborhood police will be nowhere in sight. Folks, the Kavanaugh appointment, in all reality, at this time, Simply doesn't matter.


I guess this is the thing that happens when the Senate shirked it's duty in 2016 by failing to to do their job in approving the nomination of Merrick Garland. But they chose to play politics instead of doing their jobs, so now we get this wonderful dog and pony show.

global hoosier

Just don't call the FBI (and Inspector General) reports 'fake', Cavenaugh, Trump, and Curtis.


She has ever reason to lie. Money and fame come to mind. Today a woman can simply make claim against a man and he is guilty without due process

concerned citizen

Well then you should have every reason to favor an investigation, which fortunately is going to happen


Wake up and smell the coffee, classic, the days of a ,man, doing whatever he wants behind closed doors to a woman are................OVER. Hang on, more changes to come........would America 'stand' for it if every fourth Male were being sexually assaulted during their college 'experience'?


Goodness, Ashley. Does the name Keith Ellison (D) ring a bell? His abuse accusations most certainly have merit, as there are CREDIBLE eyewitness.
Yours sounds to be similar to the "selective outrage" exhibited by most Democrats.

common sense

Ashley, please check your facts or at least quit making up your own. "She has no reason to lie". She is a Democrat activist being represented by Democrat activists who have vowed to resist Teump at every turn. They have already proven they will lie and misrepresent to get what they couldn't get at the ballot box. "She has evidence to back up her claims". She can't tell us when, where, or under what circumstances this supposedly occured. The "witnesses" have no recollection of it happening. Evidence would be things that are provable. She has none.


Two men have come forward and claimed responsibility for attack on Ford. Now all you people quick to jump on the destroy the man without a shred of evidence bandwagon should be proud.


Hey Andy !! What should have transpired with this phony baloney charge by this so-called "doctor" in California is NOTHING !! This is the most ridiculous charge against a supreme court justice I've ever heard. The republicans should have laugh off Feinstein and Ford and gone ahead and held a vote on Kavannaugh. Has anybody checked on Ford's private off shore bank accounts to see what Soros has deposited in them?

concerned citizen

Man you are really reaching when you make ridiculous comment like that


.....Kill the Messenger much ?

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