Problems with Pete

His father was an avowed Marxist on the faculty of Notre Dame. As an only child, Mayor Pete certainly was greatly influenced by his father. Yes, he is soft-spoken and mild-minored and apparently well-educated and intelligent. But IQ and wisdom do not always go together.

He wants to eliminate the Electoral College, pack the Supreme Court, and establish many other typical radical left-wing policies which are designed to ensure a liberal Democrat government in perpetuity.

His attack on Vice President Pence’s evangelical and conservative faith is despicable. He never explains why he and his party advocate abortion up to and even post birth. What is Christian about infanticide?

Robert Riddle, 


Vote ‘no’ on referendum

Don’t you love your children? Don’t you want your children to be safe?

Beware of the ECS propaganda machine. Do you remember the refugee-like caravan of children for the 2014 referendum? How about the sneakiness of the 2017 referendum?

The tag line for the 2019 referendum is “Don’t you care about teachers?” and “Don’t you want the best teachers for your children?”

What has happened to the almost $55 million that has been given to the schools already? Where is the accountability? I would encourage everyone to look into how top-heavy we are with administrators compared to neighboring districts ... both bigger and smaller. Do you think it is a coincidence that the referendum is coming up for a vote during a primary election? When voter turn out is at it’s lowest? It’s the best chance that ECS advocates have to offset low voter turnout with high turnout from the Teacher’s Union and ECS advocates. They are hoping we are sheep and don’t care enough to turn out to vote on this. The referendum is intentionally vague, so even if it is passed, there is no guarantee the funds will be passed on to the teachers.

Insist on accountability by voting no. It’s the only chance we have. If the referendum is passed, there is no accountability – except what is applied to us, to pay our taxes.

Kirk Elliott,


‘Medical’ marijuana scam

As a licensed clinical addictions counselor, I would like to know how much rigorous scientific research Tykerron Jones conducted before he erroneously and ignorantly stated, “Marijuana is safer and healthier than any other legal and illegal drugs (sic).” Marijuana contains 68 cannabinoids and 370 other chemicals, mostly toxins and carcinogens, which are all inhaled when marijuana is smoked. “Medical” marijuana proponents lied about marijuana use being “mainstream medical opinion” when there is no scientific evidence that qualifies smoked marijuana to be called medicine. No medical doctor has ever prescribed marijuana to a patient, even in states where it is legal. Smoking marijuana for “medical” use is the equivalent of chewing willow bark for aspirin when you get a headache. It is the crudest and least effective method of administering the drug.

Many legislatures were tricked into legalizing “medical” marijuana without considering its dangers or legitimate medical options already available. Marinol, Dronabinol, and Sativex remove toxins and carcinogens, leaving only cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabichromene, and can be prescribed by any physician. Marijuana gets people high, and it is not surprising that sincere people will report relief from symptoms when they smoke it. It is important to realize that there is a difference between merely feeling better and actually getting better. This distinction is established by scientific research and testing, not some random stoner’s opinion.

Furthermore, the concept of “medical” marijuana is a scam created by the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) who wanted to dupe the public into accepting the “necessity” of “medical” marijuana, to open the door to legalizing recreational marijuana. In 1979, Keith Stroup, then head of NORML, stated “We will use ‘medical’ marijuana as a red herring to give marijuana a good name.” Mr. Jones proved that there really is a sucker born every minute.

Ron Chupp,


A vote for Ashley

If you want to make a difference in Elkhart, voting in the spring mayoral primary is one of the best ways. Early voting is open and primary day is May 7, and I’m glad to be supporting and casting my vote for Ashley Boling Molyneaux for mayor of Elkhart.

With Ashley as mayor, the Elkhart school system would be placed in the best possible hands to set up our children with lifetimes of success, and also prepares Elkhart to continue thriving in the future.

Ashley’s experience in the education department is unparalleled. She’s served as a high school teacher, administrator and co-founded the Elkhart Education Foundation to help all students in Elkhart get the education they need. Her run for mayor isn’t based on wanting to climb a ladder but rather her desire to help elevate Elkhart to an exceptional status.

Outside of education, Ashley has a broad vision for Elkhart that incorporates everyone. She’s listened to its citizens and has received endorsements from individuals and organizations on every side of Elkhart. Her plans appeal to those from all walks of life, including reopening the Tolson Center, increased transparency and communication, and investing in Elkhart’s parks and neighborhoods.

Voters interested in learning more about Ashley can visit her website at

Casting a vote in this primary season is important. For Elkhart’s best future, I’ll be voting for Ashley Boling Molyneaux.

David Polaski,

Osolo 7 Precinct Chair,


‘Economic development’ folly

Re: former Alick’s property. Dick Moore et al bought it. Tim Neese et al will sell it.

This is a perfect example of why city governments should not try to do “economic development.” It shows they lack economic understanding.

Let’s spend about $1,000,000 to buy and clear a property, sell it for $100,000, and think we’ve accomplished something wonderful. Even better, sell it to a nonprofit so it doesn’t pay taxes in the future.


Dave Bontrager,


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