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3/20/2020. An Elkhart City firefighter/medic, 38 years old, a father and husband was laid to rest. A 12 year veteran of EFD, Travis Mahoney will be terribly missed. Occupational cancer took him. Amazingly no coverage of the funeral. No news story in any newspaper or TV station.

Joe King

Sorry for the family and fire depts loss. Good people around here and the world die everyday.


So Joe! If you would just have stopped at your first sentence. Your second sentence ….

RasmusSJorgensen Staff

I can understand that you bring this up. We are so sorry for Travis Mahoney's family, friends and colleagues. When we learned of his death, we reached out to the fire department and the firefighters' union to say that if they wanted to talk about him for a story, we were available. But if they choose not to, we respect that.


Probably the angle of the story should have been to cover the department funeral. Seeing as how the state has ruled this death as occupational. cancer. The same as any other on duty death. There are way too many firefighters succumbing to cancer from their jobs. 911 firefighters are being lost in huge numbers. 2 firefighters on the same rig as mine have succumbed. And EFD has firefighters working that have or had the disease!


Just trying to understand what talking with the firefighters union has to do with news coverage of a firefighters death. The funeral arrangements were widely known. The firefighters union was not designated as the official go to agency for info. With the Covid-19 mess and suggested regs, the Church allowed only family and very close friends inside. Understandable! What was possible for people to do was sit across the street in a parking lot as I did and view the proceedings on the exterior. Line the route to the cemetery. And you were allowed to view at the cemetery. The "pipers" are always amazing! The whole situation boils down to this. Travis was a member of a noble profession. It's not a job. It's a calling! Travis wasn't rated by the number of people showing up for his funeral. He will remain never forgotten. His name will be etched on at least 3 memorials. The local police and firefighters memorial on the river walk, the state memorial in Indy and the national memorial in Emmitsburg Maryland. All this said....Travis would be more concerned with the ever growing number of his brothers and sisters succumbing to occupational cancers. And the news media could not find time to even fly a drone. The only drone was from a firefighter brother's business. As my front plate on my truck says "NEVER FORGOTTEN".

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