Value human life

In response to the two letters on Oct. 7, I can’t help thinking Ms. Harding may not quite understand what “extremely pro-life” means if she still advocates for abortion. And does Ms. Perez realize an estimated 65 million babies have lost their lives since 1973? How can this even compare with “save many lives”?

While no one can rightly discount any tragic reasons for pregnancies, these total less than 2 percent. And an issue is not an over-crowded adoption list but a system which needs a great overhaul. Adoption needs to be affordable since many couples aren’t able to become pregnant.

When a pregnancy is deemed an inconvenience, the baby becomes a liability, a hinderance. Since 1973, the value of human life has tragically declined with deadly consequences, and no end in sight. The only upside is God in heaven has been taking care of the generation of children we’ve “sent” him.

Evan Martin

Spring Hill, Tennessee

 Maple City Walk makes strides

Downtown Goshen Inc. hosted the 10th annual Maple City Walk on Sept. 15. The 10K, half and full marathon walks started and ended at the Elkhart County Fairgrounds, continued on the Maple City Greenway and featured the Pumpkinvine Nature Trail. This year $5 of the registration fee was donated to Friends of the Pumpkinvine to help with closing the gap and for trail maintenance.

Many thanks to our premiere sponsors: Everence and Well Foundation-A Field of Interest Fund of the Community Foundation of Elkhart County, and also to WNIT television, Cripe Septic Cleaning Service, Elkhart County Park and Recreation Department, Goshen Parks and Recreation Department, Hawkins Water Tech, Kercher’s Sunrise Market, Maple City Market, and Woldruff’s Footwear and Apparel. We couldn’t do this walk without your help. The winner of the pair of walking shoes was Megan Strock.

Goshen is fortunate to have a coordinated system of pedestrian/bicycle paths (Maple City Greenway) with linkage to the Pumpkinvine Nature Trail, the MapleHeart Trail and Winona Interurban Trail. These are valuable community resources that promote sustainability, healthy lifestyles, and make Goshen a city of choice.

Many thanks also to our volunteers (including Goshen High School National Honor Society, Key Club members, INterra employees, and Goshen College nursing students) and the walkers who enjoyed a lovely fall day and completed the quarter, half and full marathon walks. We hope to see you back next year, Sept. 21, 2019.

Julia Gautsche,

Maple City Walk Committee (Elisabeth Vukovich, Vivian Schmucker and Sherry Wenger)

Crossover vote for county auditor

I am a conservative Republican and tend to vote Republican, but for the race for Elkhart County auditor I will be voting for the Democrat. She far out shines the Republican candidate. Nicole Ludlow has the knowledge, vision and experience to do the job. The office of county auditor has no national impact nor is the job affected by party line ideology. So it only makes sense to vote for the most qualified.

My wife worked for the auditor’s office for 30-plus years but five years ago she left because the office was heading in the opposite direction of previous administrations that had put public service first. The Republican candidate is part of the current administration that has chosen to disrespect us taxpayers. Nicole will bring back the service we deserve and respect for each taxpayer. I invite you to check out Nicole’s website at and read about her vision and plans for yourself.

I encourage every Republican to cross the line and join me in voting for Nicole Ludlow for Elkhart County auditor.

Jim Miller,


 How can you trust political ads?

In a commercial approved by Jackie Walorski, it is stated that Mel Hall is lying about a statement he made. My question is, can any politician be trusted? The statements they make are either a lie or they are closer to a lie than the truth.

Gerald Kauffman,


Establish rules for owning firearms

I’m writing to express my concerns about the requirements to own a firearm.

Officers who have guns should have to pass a gun-safety class. Those who hunt, should have to be 25 or older to own or purchase or use a firearm. All people who use firearms should have to pass a course to be able use or own a firearm. Those who have a criminal record or are mentally unstable should not be able to purchase or use a firearm. People who buy firearms for minors should have the minors take the course and pass it before they are allowed to use or own a firearm. Minors who have anger issues should not be allowed to use or own a firearm until a counselor approves.

I’m concerned about this issue because it could lower gun violence. It could also prevent school shootings. Crime would be lowered as well. Anyone who purchases a firearm must meet the requirements to own a firearm. The country would be a lot safer if these requirements are met.

Joseph Boal,


Student testing in Indiana flawed

In my local school system, the scores for ISTEP, the Indiana standardized test, were extremely low. This simply comes down to the ever-present problem in the “one size fits all” solution that current standardized testing practices involve.

The students in my area are now taking a look at the recent “graduation pathway” solution that has been rolled out. I take issue with the graduation pathways because instead of fixing the problem of both not teaching students enough and using a poorly made test, we are handing out diplomas by lowering the bar to graduate. The reason the ISTEP test was rolled out was to challenge kids and to set the bar higher for Indiana graduation requirements, effectively creating better graduates, but instead of keeping up with this rigorous testing and then requiring a higher level of education to graduate in Indiana we are simply lowering the bar back down again.

Another reason I believe our statewide standardized testing must be reworked is that the test doesn’t asses the current knowledge of students. Testing students on retention of concepts they were taught four years ago immediately places them at a disadvantage. If a solution could be proposed that would accurately test students not only would there be a higher pass rate across the state, it would also give educators a better idea of how students are doing in school. A more individualised test would result in more accurate and individualized scores.

Thad Turner,


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