Immigrants only fuel prosperity

Most economists agree there are two ways to grow the U.S. economy: through a higher rate of productivity by the American worker or by increasing the number of immigrants. The former is practically impossible since U.S. workers are already so productive.

The 15 European nations admitting the most immigrants and refugees have seen their economies grow robustly, fueling the creation of more jobs. Sweden, with the most immigrants, has experienced a near economic boom.

If we want to increase the number of jobs and grow our economy, we need many more immigrants, not fewer. Contrary to the propaganda and lies of the Trump administration, immigrants are more law-abiding than native-born Americans. Studies also show that the strength and initiative it takes to emigrate from one’s country of origin means we are getting the strongest and most motivated workers.

Large numbers of undocumented arrivals are fleeing dangerous, even deadly, situations for them and their children. Further, U.S. policies in the Middle East and Central and South America have contributed to many of the refugee problems in these countries.

President Trump’s immigration policies based on hate, fear and lies could stunt and hobble U.S. economic growth for decades. Republican Sen. Todd Young and Rep. Jackie Walorski are complicit with these policies that harm our economy and reduce the number of future jobs.

Increasing the number of immigrants is a win-win for our nation. It provides safety and security for them while creating new job opportunities and greater prosperity for everyone.

Joann Smith,


Environmental policy short-sighted

There are some people who are very happy with the policies of President Trump. They point to the fact that unemployment is down, the stock market is hitting new highs, and a bill was passed that will cut taxes. These are all superficial measures of prosperity. Wages still aren’t keeping up with price increases, the stock market is supported by companies buying their own stock, and most of the tax cuts benefit the very rich.

Most of all, the assault on the environment is accelerating. Trump’s policies are allowing corporations to despoil federal property for profit. They are supporting fossil fuels, which are polluting our groundwater and our air and, by warming the atmosphere, are raising ocean levels and increasing flooding throughout the U.S. This is the biggest mistake for which there is no excuse. These policies cost enormous amounts in the present but could also result in a future where human life is not sustainable

Dr. Thomas J. Rea 

Edwardsburg, Michigan

I have seen the face

I have seen the face of racism, sexism, narcissism, greed and chaos, and I believe it to be the face of Donald Trump: government by the rich, for the rich, deregulation of safeguards, and a hard-hearted approach to the poor.

Some of Trump’s actions: denial of sanctuary for “Dreamers,” taking children away from their parents at the border, exiting from the Paris environmental accord, exiting from the Iran nuclear agreement, alienating our friends and allies such as Canada and France, risking global trade wars, harassment of women, a tax break for the wealthy that will threaten Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security. 

There was also the effort to destroy Obamacare, which would have left millions without health care. Trump called the media “the enemy of the people” and cast distrust on government institutions such as the Justice Department. He also declares the power of self-pardon and, last but not least, used a derogatory term to describe numerous African nations. This is slide toward authoritarianism. 

The solution: kindness and compassion for those who need it most – prisoners, immigrants, refugees, the poor, the sick. Security comes from church, family, community, social ties, plus public housing, guaranteed health care, public schools and a living wage. 

We need to join forces to battle climate change, care for the land and living systems. It’s important to vote for progressive candidates on all governmental levels. Say no by saying yes to the forces that promote peace, justice and life. It is important to have the courage and compassion to state one’s views in constructive conversation. 

Bruce Bishop, 


Outrage over immigration policy

My hope is that people of this area (who know me) may be personally influenced by the concurring statements of 450,000 mental health colleagues, and many more pediatricians, regarding the Trump administration’s ignominious zero tolerance stance on immigration. We live in an era in which immigrants can be “vetted” much more successfully than at Ellis Island (recall the words of Emma Lazarus two centuries ago.)

There is no way that parents, toddlers and teens who are torn from each other will not become more anxious, angry and mentally unhealthy after being treated as less than human. 

Philosophically, biblically, ethically, etc., there can be no defense for how we are treating “The Stranger.” U.S. laws are man-made, not infallible and certainly not ordained by God. May the Creator God bless this fragile, chaotic planet.

 Dr. Allen Stuckey


Get some backbone

What has happened to the Republican Party? It used to stand for family values, morality, cooperating with allies and resisting our enemies (Russia). When will our Republican congressmen get some backbone and stand up to the tyrant in the White House and put a stop to the tragedy on our southwest border? Are we selling our souls?

Truman and Elnora Weaver,


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