That was the name of Bob Woodward’s first book on the Trump presidency. It’s been a theme of Michael Moore documentaries and a proven Madison Avenue marketing device. And fear has become an invasive pandemic element that has seeped into every family, every business, every school, and every circle of friends this spring.

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This article is as despicable as the idiot who wrote it. He is the FEAR monger,

Joe King

Because we don't have a competent leader in this Administration...Fear and self precautions is all we have now.... I am still waiting for it to be zero cases like Trump said it would be.....I also wonder we will have enough testing being done with results that are quicker than days.... It's sad when you have to listen to the Queen of England give inspirational messages than ours that can't form complete sentences....


You probably didn't hear about the new Abbott tests that are complete in 13 minutes! FEMA has been telling you to have supplies for 2 week periods since 1980! You and Howey have hiding under the covers from the "boogieman" since then. So Joe! I'm wondering about these shortages of PPE and vents. I'm not intelligent enough to know these answers! 78% of all hospitals are private. Is the US government responsible for their operation? Does the US government provide all their supplies? And that little complete sentence thing? Are dot dot dot dot and dot dot dot dot dot and dot dot dot dot and dot dot dot dot , correct punctuation or incomplete sentences!

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