This column is dedicated to the hundreds of Hoosiers who attended redistricting hearings across the state as well as the House and Senate chambers. I’ll leave you with this story:

In January 2004 I got a phone call from a man in Columbus who was pondering a challenge to the powerful Senate President Pro Tem Bob Garton in the Republican primary. “Should I run?” he asked. I explained to him that his chances of winning were slim, but he should run as a way to explore and vet issues in his community.

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Hey Wowey! Remember that guy that was elected Prez about 12 years ago? He said this.... " Elections have consequences! It's the political way for the winners to tell the losers, tough luck you lost. Get over it". Works that way at the state and local levels also!


Quite sure the Dems would have asked for an independent redistricting commission if they were in 5he majority.

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