Brian Howey

Brian A. Howey

I was with a veteran Democratic operative on a wintry night in 1998 when the story of President Clinton’s relationship with a White House intern broke on network news, Monica Lewinsky was revealed, and the scandal began mushrooming.

My friend began laughing and then he blurted out, “It’s true!” How could he be so sure? I asked. “Because she’s his type,” came his response. And as we came to know through the tortuous process that led to Clinton’s impeachment … it was true.

Brian A. Howey is publisher of Howey Politics Indiana at

Find him on Facebook and Twitter @hwypol.

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Joe King

How do you make a trump worshiper angry? Quote them trumps own words.... Wake up sheep, vote trump and his cronies out! Get real Americans in and not those endorsed and supported by Russia.


Sickening WoWey! Your ineptness and TDS is showing! Or is it just the fact you have no talent? Me thinks ... both!


I agree Fire, Mr Howey is a shill for the liberal left and certainly not a non partisan journalist. Why else would this paper print his weekly rants. I think Joe has quite a crush on him.


joe is just a big sweety!

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