Let your senators know

The recent riveting House Committee hearings present uncontroverted and overwhelming evidence of impeachable offenses committed by Donald John Trump.

Those public servants who testified despite threats against them by the presidents stand as models in courage, along with other servants from the FBI, State Department and others who have suffered as a result of slanders by Trump.

Many top jobs have deliberately been left without permanent heads, as Trump attempts to concentrate powers with his blizzard of tweets from his fevered brain. He is not the chosen one, any more than were Hitler, Kim Jong II or Putin.

Not that Roman history can be an exact guide to the trajectory of our American experiment, but Tacitus did observe the spinelessness of a Senate in the face of a Nero.

The Senate must stand up for the rule of law as a co-equal branch of government if they care to remain relevant as a check on the assault on truth waged by one sociopathic man, who seems to have made sycophants of the former Republican Party. Please let your senators know that the time has come to show if they want our nation to remain a Republic.

Joe Lehman,


Holcomb the right leader

Indiana’s economic prospects have been on the rise throughout much of this century. Leading the way the last three years – by listening, gathering the facts and then taking decisive action – has been Gov. Eric Holcomb.

That is why the Indiana Chamber of Commerce has taken the rare step of a statewide endorsement, supporting Holcomb in his re-election bid. The competition, in the form of other states, is not standing still. The best way for Indiana to continue its momentum and move forward is with Holcomb’s leadership.

The accomplishments have been many – including dealing with the opioid epidemic to enacting bias crimes legislation and long-term infrastructure funding. The challenges, topped by education and workforce training to meet the needs of our workers and our businesses, are clearly part of the Governor’s agenda and focus. Positive steps have been taken, with admittedly more work yet to do.

Leadership – at companies, in communities and at the very top of state government – is more important than ever. As we prepare to enter a new decade and continue to make progress toward the Indiana Chamber’s Indiana Vision 2025 goals, we are confident that the best road forward is with Gov. Holcomb at the helm.

Tim Haffner, Board Chairman

Indiana Chamber of Commerce

Voters are watching

I won’t mince words: Donald Trump tried to extort the president of Ukraine. He acted like a Mafia boss. And like any good Mafia boss, he tried to cover his tracks, although fortunately it failed.

The way that both the White House and the Republican members of Congress are acting right now is the way someone would act when they’re caught red-handed and they refuse to admit what they did, even though the evidence of their crime is there in plain sight.

The American people are paying attention. And they know who’s naughty and who’s nice. The congresspeople who ignore the president’s criminal behavior – or worse, attempt to defend it – will lose their seats. Those who value power above principle will lose their seats. Those who put party loyalty over justice will lose their seats.

GOP members of Congress are too worried about losing their primaries, when they should be worried about losing the general election. And even the senators who don’t face re-election until 2024 shouldn’t rest easy. The American people will still remember this in 2024.

The American people are watching, and they will punish the congresspeople and senators who choose to be on the wrong side of history.

Chris Tidmarsh, 

South Bend

Overhaul criminal justice

The government has fallen apart. The same people who want to oust this president have failed the people in their districts. The FISA warrant process is a sham and all convictions must be thrown out. When will people be held accountable for destroying the lives of the innocent in this country by altering documents? When will lawyers be disbarred for their corruption.

Some of the same people guilty of wasting millions and going after innocent people still work for the government. We have a lot of innocent people in this country with records because of the unethical tactics to get a conviction at all cost even if they are innocent.

This should scare the hell out of people and our criminal justice system needs to be overhauled. People need to start peacefully protesting and take a stand.

James Yakym,



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You are correct Chris Tidman, the American people are watching and will punish those involved. I just don’t think it is the Republicans who will be punished. This made up story will be exposed in the end and the Dems will have no where to hide.

Joe King

The President of the United States (who just mocked and made fun of a 16 year old girl) asked a foreign government to intervene in our US elections, AGAIN. He asked that a US citizen and political rival be investigated with debunked conspiracies and false allegations... He lied, and tried to hide this. Yes, we are watching our politicians. Are they looking out for the good of America and the US Constitution or just their Party? Not one Republican has defended the Presidents actions, only attacked the whistle blower and respected government employees and military officers. That should say enough right there.


That is your interpretation of the recently completed house hearings. Not surprising coming from you Joe. President Trump will be found innocent in the senate although he really has not been charged with a crime. He will be re-elected in a landslide and continue to lead our country to great things. The Bidens may or may not be investigated but to date there has been no investigation to debunk. The 16 year old is the stooge of her ultra liberal parents and behaves like a brat. Maybe she should go to China and lecture them. In the meantime Joe I am doing to sit back and enjoy watching you and Mr Lehman suffer through the next 5 years.

Joe King

Sidearm...Party over Principle...Party over America, Party over the US Constitution...and I wouldn't expect anything from you. Trump is the best thing the Democrats could have imagined...He has destroyed the party once known as the GOP single handily. You know, the party once known for family morals and family values... I don't kneed the house to tell me that...just read the unofficial transcript. You know, the one they locked away and burred in a top secret server ...clearly the actions of an innocent person....If it exonerates him, he should release it... If the people or documents exonerates him, they should be produced or allowed to testify....none of that happened.... Clearly the actions of an innocent person...

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