Bullard for council

The Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 52, representing police officers from Elkhart, Goshen, Middlebury and Nappanee, are proud to announce the endorsement of Kevin Bullard for Elkhart City Council.

As professional law enforcement officers, we understand the importance of education, qualifications, and experience required to be on the Elkhart City Council. Bullard has demonstrated over his 30 years of farming and business that he knows what it takes to be successful in Elkhart. In his position with the Elkhart City Council, Bullard has supported public safety. Bullard believes in a stronger Elkhart and that is why he backs the new public safety complex and the Tolson Center. Bullard recognizes the strength in our local economy. He understands that with business expansion and neighborhood growth, our police department must expand and grow as well.

We encourage you to vote for Kevin Bullard for Elkhart City Council on Nov. 5.

Jason R Ray, President

Fraternal Order of Police 52

Support for Roberson

I am writing to support Rod Roberson in the Elkhart 2019 mayoral election.

Rod’s support for our community comes to us in many ways. First, his lifetime of family and friends who believed in him through an illustrious high school and college academic and sports career. He spent many years as a pro basketball player which brings a high level of team play to his skill set. That’s good for motivation and management required in the Mayor’s position. Secondly, Rod spent years in business honing his sales and communication skills. This will help when courting new businesses to settle here in Elkhart and enjoy our good quality of life.

Rod Roberson was part of some fundamental changes for Elkhart in the way of the Lerner rebuild and important infrastructure projects. Having 16 years on the City Council is a great way to establish his intention to be mayor. I like a strong and varied background in my candidate. And that is why I early voted for Rod.

Having a candidate like Rod Roberson is someone you can be confident with for the future of Elkhart. Our future looks good. Please vote on Nov. 5 for Rod Roberson.

Dwight Fish, Councilman

Elkhart 4th District

Court costs questioned

Why are city court costs now about $140 per case, up from zero in the late 1990s? Might it be because legal nonsense has replaced common sense in city hall?

Ralph Spelbring,


Jackson Boulevard concerns

We have yet to hear anyone say that they understand or appreciate the “new” Jackson Boulevard. The design is inviting dangerous problems. The ability to move vehicles without congestion is almost laughable.

If the new Aquatic Center is to draw our high school and colleges for regular use and Olympic trials, how are the hundreds of cars going to be “moved” in and out without traffic tie-ups?

We don’t want to think of the problems with a fire truck and a school bus.

We heard that the designer was from Florida. He/she has never had to remove snow or design a street that has several months of this kind of maintenance.

We have had a summer of state and local street improvements. Businesses along Jackson Boulevard and Cassopolis Street have suffered for weeks and months. Now we will have the opportunity to walk across Cassopolis Street. Not on your life! And visitors to Elkhart don’t know what we know about the traffic on Cassopolis.

We are anxious to hear from those who “praise” the city plan – if he/she drives a car.

Allen Koppernagel 

Richard Troyer 

Nyla J. Moore 

Deborah Longcor 


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