Favoring the ‘rich few’

I am very disappointed with our council as to the appearance of not taking into consideration all community members and instead the rich few. 

First they closed the Tolson Center and then turned down the rowing club in favor of money, pure and simple. The Tolson Center has been reopened but the rowing club is left out. What are we doing? Separating Elkhart into the haves and have-nots? This is not what I thought was meant by a city with a heart. 

On one hand we have an Aquatic Center that is to be used nationally, but getting there one has to go through a one-lane street in the style of a village. This village seems to be opened to only the rich. The amount of money the city has invested in this project is considerable. I assume this has been handled by a commission of some sort. We have narrowed streets, torn down stores and erected buildings not affordable for the majority of people living in Elkhart. I thought we needed more affordable housing. I myself am living on a fixed income and am sure I cannot afford the new housing. I hope I can continue to stay where I am if the rent is not increased to the standard of these projects. I cannot have access to the St. Joe River where I used to live. 

Oh well I’m just an old lady that had different dreams for my golden years. I hope in the next election all citizens of Elkhart will remember to vote for council members that are interested in all of us, not just the rich.

Sharon Johnson, 


Pagan or Christian holiday?

The ancient Romans celebrated Saturnalia around the time of the yearly winter solstice. It was a festive time honoring Saturn, the agricultural god of prosperity. This festival became a weeklong event which ended on Dec. 25, being their approximate date having the shortest daylight and the longest night of the year. Fertility rituals, including sacrifices, were performed in the temple of Saturn. Elaborate feasts included Roman citizens exchanging gifts, hanging boughs of greenery on their halls and ornaments on bushes and trees. Bands of revelers, some drunk and possibly naked, roamed the streets singing their songs of merriment.

Later in the 4th century, Roman Catholic leaders attempted to convert pagans by allowing them to continue celebrating Saturnalia. As there was nothing in Christianity relating to Saturnalia, they then designated the last day of Saturnalia, Dec. 25, as Jesus’ birthday (rather than a more likely spring/summer/fall birth date). The pagan traditions of singing, gift giving, mistletoes and trees are now part of a “Christmas celebration.”

Today, little thought is given about Christmas’ pagan origins and its influences as bands of mall revelers, crowds battling for bargains and floor space during Black Friday’s specials dominate this season’s activities. Everyone gets to decide the value of their participation in some of these pagan traditions and the extent to which they have a meaningful Christ-time.

Happy Saturnalia or a Merry Christmas?

Lynn Slagel, 


Congress at work

Thanks to a busy Congress that has passed over 400 bills since regaining the majority. In the last nine months since H.R. 1 was passed, over 400 bills have been sent to the Senate Republicans and their leader Mitch McConnell.

In addition to election security, Democrats have addressed gun violence, prescription drugs costs, the minimum wage, and protecting insurance coverage for people with preexisting conditions, among myriad other issues.

While the president has attempted to fight back against growing impeachment sentiment, he has tried to claim that executing oversight of his presidency has stopped Congress from working. As far as the House and Democrats go, that is not true.

The budget bills are 96 percent complete, and awaiting Senate action. This is just one more of his 13,435 lies in the first 993 days in office.

A “baker’s dozen” of lies per day.

Charles D. Mumaw,



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Buy some Kleenex Mr Mumaw, you will need them when President Trump is re-elected in a landslide.

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