Rainbow at the right time

God painted a double rainbow just for us during a thunderstorm here in Naples, Florida. This was the first double rainbow I had ever seen in my lifetime. The colors were awesome with pinks, blues, yellows, and greens. It lasted a good 15 minutes. This beauty one does not often capture. I can’t describe what all went through my mind; I was totally mesmerized.

I carried the rainbow image with me on my admission to Physicians Regional Hospital, on Collier Blvd, Naples, Nov. 1st due to a gastric intestinal bleed. I was afraid of the unknown, wondering about the prognosis.

All kinds of thoughts creep into the mind, and here I am in strange surroundings without my own medical folks from Sturgis, Michigan. I must admit, the whole adventure was a showing of kindness, caring, and professionalism. There was no time management involved. I even had the privilege of meeting the House Supervisor.

The experience from the ER and an overnight stay in a suite type private room with a huge window with sunshine to greet my broken soul. Of course a “scope” was in order before discharge home. Amen. By the way, the propofol was given by a MD with humor, which sent me to never Neverland. I just remember laughing, with the mouthpiece falling out.

I will send you a double rainbow to carry in your pocket during a “time of need,” because a double rainbow was sent to me during my “time of need.” Love from Florida the Sunshine State.

Juanita Oldfield-Heed,

Naples, Florida, and White Pigeon, Michigan

Evidence is clear

I have watched with great interest the impeachment hearings, and find it difficult to comprehend how so many of our elected officials can only view this in a partisan light.

The U.S. Constitution, the guiding document of our democratic republic, needs to be read and understood by every citizen, especially by those in charge of one of our three branches of government. It doesn’t matter if one is a Democrat or a Republican, we are first of all Americans, individuals given the privilege of living in a free and democratic society.

I am concerned, deeply concerned for our country, and our ability to hold true to our foundational precepts. If the rule of law is not to be followed, we fail to have a civil society. If we fail to hold President Trump accountable for his actions, we no longer have a democratic republic, but a country ruled by either an autocrat, a tyrant or a dictator.

Even if you have questions about the veracity of the actions that first-hand witnesses have testified to, should you not at least want to obtain further clarity? Unfortunately, Jackie Walorski, our representative in the House of Representatives, voted against holding any investigations, which indicates that she has turned a blind eye to the actions of the president and is unwilling to serve as a check on behavior that is questionable at best.

Anyone with any knowledge of the Constitution who honestly and openly listened to the facts that have been presented understands that the behavior of the president is problematic and poses a threat to our democracy. The evidence is clear, the president abused the power of the highest office in the land and flagrantly obstructed valid congressional investigations.

Daniel Grimes,


 Contributions for Walorski

What can we learn about our representatives in the U.S. Congress from examining their campaign contributions? Plenty. Take a look at Indiana 2nd District Rep. Jackie Walorski’s 2019 third-quarter fundraising totals.

A Republican, she received 44 contributions from individuals, which was only 20 percent of her total. But a whopping 80 percent of her contributions came from corporate political action committees (PACs). And only 10 of her 44 individual contributions came from Indiana.

Pat Hackett will be running in the Democratic primary in May to mount a challenge for Rep. Walorski’s seat. In the third quarter Ms. Hackett received 665 individual contributions, of which 592 were from within Indiana. Fully 99 percent of her contributions were from individuals, and none were from corporate PACs.

Sadly, Rep. Walorski’s voting record mirrors her campaign contributions. She votes overwhelmingly for the interests of corporations and, based on her contribution numbers, it appears she cares most about interests outside Indiana.

These statistics tell us a lot about what’s wrong with our electoral system. In Rep. Jackie Walorski we have corporations from outside Indiana, not individuals, buying access to get what they want. In effect, they’re buying her.

We can do better. Pat Hackett will care about her Hoosier constituents because they are the people who will send her to Congress.

Joann Smith,



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Trump is the Peoples Champion. Fight the swamp. Trump 2020. Democrats have show their true colors as enemies of the state by refusing to admit Trump IS the duly elected Commander in Chief. They loved him his whole life till they lost an election to him. Taking his money is one thing right? LOL. Exciting to live in a time, with the best President since Lincoln, in the Oval Office.

Joe King

Ha,ha,ha....thanks I needed that...that was funny......"In 1,055 days, President Trump has made 15,413 false or misleading claims" Washington Post... yeah, draining the swamp....hahhahahaha.......the swamp got swampier...


If that is true Joe he is running a close second to you. They have socialist heath care in Canada Joe and its not to far away. Maybe you should visit there for the next 5 years because you will be very unhappy here. Maybe you can bring Leeeet out from under his rock and you guys can go together.


Exciting to live in a time, with the best President since Lincoln, in the Oval Office.........that statement is COLD.........or HARD........and it definitely isn't a FACT.......I put him somewhere between Harding and Nixon.


Joe! U R floating out there in an alternate universe! All the statements I made about Demonrats opposing Trump before and after election can be found in ANY news media. Have you missed the findings of all investigations? I guess you have! I can't quite follow your drivel! Is the statement about a 1 term President directed at what Republications said? Because Joe, that's the way politics work! You fight to get in power! And Joe! Why would Republicans fight Trump's judge appointments? Or if you got mixed up and meant Dems didn't fight Trump, well it takes just a simple majority to appoint a Federal judge. It's the President's responsibility to nominate and the Senate's responsibility to approve or reject. Who holds the majority Joe?

Joe King

Oh Fire, I guess you won't answer the question....10 instances Mueller found the the President obstructed justice....10....., and now he asks a foreign government to help him investigate a US citizen and political rival.....just like Russia, just like China, just like Ukraine now. He has abused his power for personal and financial gain. He has obstructed congress by providing 0 witnesses and 0 evidence....0... Clearly the actions of an innocent man. When did the GOP become the party of Russia?


Joe, were you watching the Hanna Barbara cartoon channel to get that 10 instances info? Or was it Stephen Colbert or Jimminie Kimmel show. Let's start and end with this Joe! CBS NEWS REPORT. Hardly a Trump backer! They reported this... 10 times Trump "may" have obstructed justice according to Meuller! Or maybe that was ANOTHER subject beyond Mueller's purview! You did catch that little 3 letter word (may)! Correct Joe? Well anyway Joe! This is what I found from that CBS story! Dated 7/23/2019 @ 6:56 PM/ CBS NEWS....Although the special counsel's report on Russian interference does not come to a conclusion as to whether President Trump obstructed justice, Mueller's team did examine 10 discrete acts which he "may" have done so! That was right after the team had finished looking at whether or not Joe King understands the meaning of the word may! In this instance may was defined as wish or hope! That Joe is one of the meanings of the word may. According to "Webster's New World Dictionary"!


By the way Joe, the charge in front of the Senate is NOT obstruction of justice! The charge is obstruction of Congress. Check it out!


Mr Grimes, what crime did the president commit? Your delusional party has been trying to impeach him for 3 years. Finding no Russian collusion you made one up and with the help from the liberal press and no bipartisan support you had him impeached. You do realize the precedent your party is making. Your next liberal president without control of the house will be impeached just because he can be. You are a useful idiot.

Joe King

Sidearm....your so silly sometimes I don't know you are for real, or just....This isn't a criminal trial....otherwise he would be in jail for obstruction. If you had paid attention to the facts presented by the numerous witnesses, you would see is abused if office for political and personal gain. It is very clear....The claim of impeaching for 3 years is false...the congress voted it down each time until this fall...so please, stop spreading false talking points....please stay to the facts.... Because when you do, you cannot defend the the presidents actions....


Ah yes! Joe spews again! From a Wikipedia article...Immediately after his inauguration "The Independent" and "The Washington Post" each reported on efforts already underway to impeach Trump. I guess Dan missed that. 3/21/17 Smaxie Maxie Waters tweeted, "Get ready for Impeachment"! Feb 2017 an impeach Trump leadership PAC was formed! After firing crooked Comey, stolen valor Richard Blumenthal said, "It may very well produce impeachment proceedings"! Pamila Jayapal (D WA) and Al Green(D TX) … impeachment threats!!! Guess Joe missed all those also. Should we go further?

Joe King

Hey Fire, stay with the facts....one congress member or a few members don't represent the entire actions of congress...your silly hyperbole's don't work with the facts... How many times has it been voted down in congress? I mean really, what were the comments after Obama won? We are going to make sure he is a one term president? How much did the republicans block trump and judicial appointments?

Trumps willingness to work with a foreign government to win elections is a threat and abuse of power. It is un-american. It really is that simple surely even you could understand... unless you think it is alright to ask a foreign government for dirt and investigate another US citizen and political rival? Why is the GOP becoming "useful idiots" for Russia?


You won't be rid of Trump for another 5 years Comrade Joe.


I guess that Abuse of power would be a start, while obstruction of congress would be not only a good follow up, but even icing on the cake.

Funny, as the Republican Congress spent 8 years trying to impeach Barack Obama, but, even though they held the majority, they couldn't agree if the charges would pass. The senate doesn't even have to vote on the results from congress: as Pelosi will hold the articles as long as she needs to prevent the Senate from exonerating him. Trump runs in 2020, and the signs will read, "Would You Be Stupid Enough To Vote For An Impeached President... AGAIN???"

Not only is it a sure sign that he won't get a second term, but his impeachment will hurt his own party. Remember, after Nixon resigned, being a republican politician was all but guaranteed to win that election. Republican candidates would do best to cut their losses, push for a fair trial in the senate, but be better equipped to run for reelection in November.

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